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9/14/2018 c8 13Black Dragoniss
I love this story so much, please update again soon, I must see happens next
1/13/2018 c8 Weebtrash2.0
8/10/2017 c8 1Mizz Myztery
yay i. love the story
3/17/2017 c8 Guest
Niceee! Can you be my boyfriend?
3/17/2017 c3 Crazy yandere
Are you a girl or a boy?
1/8/2017 c2 OneLivesAgain
I'm glad there's a story where Lisanna isn't evil. I mean yes, she could have change after she 'came back from the dead' and all, but I just never saw her character like that. It's a good story, hoping your other stories are just as good or better.
12/30/2016 c8 DemonEmpress33
love it
12/19/2016 c4 Guest
Nyuuuuuuuu loke is so cute nyuuuuuuuu
11/5/2016 c2 Niqueh27
I hate it when they make Lissanna evil she's just to nice for that
8/28/2016 c8 Guest
Opichuios Is a girl
7/27/2016 c8 Guest
6/19/2016 c2 Guest
Im really enjoying the story so far! I love bad ass Lucy!
4/18/2016 c8 Makapaka
I've already fallen in love with this story and it's super funny so I was wondering if your still continuing along with the story I'm sure this story as a lot more than this
3/30/2016 c8 Guest
Please update this story! I've got to know what happens next!
3/17/2016 c8 3Taranodongirl1
"Dance of searching" was that Vijeeter?
Can't wait for the next chapter!
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