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12/24/2012 c3 11SerenSplash989
* stifles laughter* Oh Vlad... you probably won't ever figure it out either... xD Lol... I find it funny how he cant figure it out while sending a MADDIE hologram to get tea while petting his cat named MADDIE. Gee Vlad, that's a really tough question...
Great job on this! I really like the irony of it, and how you kept it to 100 words. :)
12/24/2012 c1 SerenSplash989
Haha, I loved the ending! :) Great job; I snickered at the end, epecially since I liked Pretty Little Liars and the saying is two can keep a secret if one of them is dead haha :) lol
12/23/2012 c3 10Maestro Kitten
XD Danny: Oh, fruitloop, I think your obsession is perfectly clear. *ahem* I am Vlad Plasmius! And if only you'd join me, Daniel, and renounce your idiot father so I can marry your mother!
12/20/2012 c3 5MsFrizzle
I got a chuckle over this one. It was delightful!
12/20/2012 c3 BrittneyluvsChrist
Wonder what's his? lol good job!:)
12/19/2012 c2 20BananaNutMuffinz
Nice one shots! Can't wait for more! :)
12/17/2012 c2 BrittneyluvsChrist
Good job!
12/17/2012 c1 BrittneyluvsChrist
and cynical with just a touch of irony...I LOVE IT :D
12/13/2012 c1 23Deborahpflover
Ohhh I like this! I love drabbles! :D And this drabble is so funny! And true. I like it. Good luck with everything!
12/12/2012 c1 5MsFrizzle
Good luck on writing drabbles. Getting the thoughts into such a tight space is deceptively difficult.

This was a great expression to play with.
12/11/2012 c1 10Maestro Kitten
Ooh, I like this! Keep writing them! One-shots and drabbles are always helpful for curing writer's block. Please update soon! :)

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