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1/21 c1 Tashis
My vote is for tali for romance pairing
12/18/2022 c8 FrostenByte
My vote is for Kasumi, i feel that her personality would be a good balance to Emile's in comparison to Tali's. Also there are far too few Kasumi romances.
12/16/2022 c11 M1stymix
I don't mind you making this long tbh I love how you showed the work emile's squad has been thru and really make them an interesting squad to read.
12/16/2022 c10 M1stymix
I like the chemistry of Emile and Shepard. I hope this would be the pairing my problem with tali pairing would be age difference tbh and Shepard and emile having a strong foundation already to build the relationship
12/7/2022 c11 V1lla32
Really enjoyed the chapter, kinda wonder how tali was able to get job in the engineering tower when it seemed like that tower has some more sensitive tech that I would think the SA would want to keep to themselves till its at least complete. Either way looking forward to the next chapter keep up the great work
11/30/2022 c1 Haminator Ainz
I gut the idea form reading Collectors at Dawn v2 by jacksld850 A rewrite of the original Collectors at Dawn and believed that my mod of the idea can work in real life
11/30/2022 c11 Haminator Ainz
I think that power cells (with a small amount of liquid nitrogen for cool down) can be connected to the back of 280 'clip' for standard guns like M8 Avenger/M7 Lance ammunition blocks: standardized at approximately 1-pound depending on the alloy used. Standard ammo blocks are made from a lead-iron alloy. Incendiary ammo blocks are magnesium-iron alloy . Armor-piercing blocks are a tungsten-steel alloy.
11/28/2022 c11 Silverwingzz
Yeah the Eden part of this story is a little long compared to previous parts of the story.
11/5/2022 c11 1A.N.S.N.A
I hope for a Emile/Fm Sheperd romance.
i like your story
10/31/2022 c11 1nantono
wait emile will be able to kill saren in eden prime?
10/31/2022 c11 1Annoying POW marine
Yeah eden prime is kinda dragging on, but you have been stuffing in a lot of content. Making Ashely’s perspective interesting, Fleshing out Nihlius as a character and combatant, depicting just how hard fighting geth actually is for unaugmented humans, etc.

Honestly, I like these more more involved fight scenes over just another firefight of cover, flanking, rinse and repeat. Emilie is a whole lot more aggressive in combat than most Spartans, even Spartan 2s.
10/31/2022 c11 Monstrr
Was not expecting an update this soon but im not complaining.
10/30/2022 c11 Granet
Jumping jesus another chapter so soon. Christmas is still a month away lad. Not that I'm complaining, and I won't also complain about how long the eden prime mission is going either. So long as it not 5 or 10 chapters of course. I do enjoy just how big the difference is too, butterflies be flying. Wonder how this is gonna affect tails recruitment.

Nuke set for 35 kilometers?
UNSC: pathetic.
10/30/2022 c11 fresh prince1
nice chapter.
10/30/2022 c11 4dawnwatch
Great chapter. For what character interactions there were they were done well. Good passing and flow on the action as well.

You can keep the entire fic on Eden Prime for all I care. You just have to make sure it is still working and you aren't just adding stuff for no reason.

Though the Tali introduction was unexpected. Good but unexpected.
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