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1/19 c8 DragonStallion55
I don’t suppose that you will be updating dragon of dragon stone any time soon.
1/11 c8 Monstrr
Really hope you haven’t abandoned this fanfic.
12/22/2021 c8 Reclaimer104
Really liking the elite character, I always thought elites were cool too. I'm excited to see what you have planned for him.
As for the weapons stuff, first thing is just a small nitpick. Gigatons and megatons are energy, not force. Kind of confusing since they have tons in the name, but they refer to tons of TNT, not tons of force.
Besides that, I think that although you may have overestimated MACs, they're definitely not that weak compared to a Shiva. Although a Shiva might have an explosive power of 50 megatons, this energy will be expended in all directions equally. So unless the nuke explodes right up against a ship, the big majority of its energy will not hit the ship. Whereas a MAC round will expend all of its energy into whatever it hits.
Anyways, great stuff and I'm looking forward to future updates.
12/16/2021 c7 Guest
Man, this chapter made me feels things.

Anyways, with whatever is happening, I think Jane and Emile would probably just naturally get together. Eventually.

Just my opinion.
12/16/2021 c5 Guest
I hope you don't abandon this fic, mate.

But no pressure.
12/15/2021 c8 SPARTAN-626
Well its nice to see what our fav characters are up to and doing and what some are going threw and cant wait to see how their meeting each other will differ from canon and what will change or stay the same. As well how what we saw and saw their thoughts will effect the others and the story later on. And nice to seeing mentioning of ODSTs here and cant wait to see them in action later on. Also hope later on we see Liara watching some human movies and see her reaction to them, bet Indiana Jones will be among her favs or at least one of them

This is a surprise but a most welcome one nun the less. A Elite Ultra is in the ME universe and killed several STG agents in less then half a minute. Feel bad for Padok but hey he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and hey the arrogant salamanders got what they deserved if they thought a Elite was stupid cause hes so big and strong. People/Races can have best of both worlds in strength and intelligence and be big in size. And I agree with your description and thoughts on HALO Elites they are one of the coolest and most badass aliens in all around sci fi and one of my favs. Im eager to see what you will do with this one. With how he will effect the story later on, how long until he and Emile will run into each other and try and kill each other and maybe eventually work together, how he will react and adapt to the ME universe and maybe change from what he was back in the HALO-verse. And since the STG mentioned a huge ship is it foreshadowing the ship Jorge plow up with the slip space drive and might seeing our fav big friendly machine gun using giant back here? If so I hope he comes in soon and hope you ship him and Bnezia again. As well maybe if the Elite is in here for the long run maybe he could be paired up with a Asari or even a female Krogan, dont ask me why I think this I just do and hey your call

And good luck with trying to figure out the math and works with HALO MAC guns and how they compare to ME Reaper guns and such. Thou I have no doubt that MAC guns will one kill most if not all Reapers it hits especially if some are lined up together in the MACs firing line

Regarding the pairing well honestly Im fine with him being paired with either Shepard, Ashley, Tali (especially with how they develop together in the original version of this story), Liara or Miranda. Thou I think the first three are the most likely and better options, the first two cause not only they are both human but are also military and can have a better time understanding and connect to Emile in that area, Tali cause of that her being in a body suit for her whole life would feel familiar to Emile with body movements that reminds him of other Spartans and he can read her better then most and what the first story was going with them and hope to see that again here but if not Im fine with that

And I agree captaindickscratcher that the Alliance and Quarians working together would be a interesting and good choice of action for both parties if it happens here. And I agree with a Gust reviewer with later on Emile, and possible Jorge if hes here, and the Elite work together and putting the Asari into their place and exposing them as the manipulating self centered arrogant race they are. After all they made the rule to share Prothean tech and beacons but hog one to themselves, which also hold knowledge of upcoming death and doom for the galaxy but how to stop it, in secret and advanced their tech faster then they should have on their own and had a hand and part in most politics and other stuff and more or less made themselves or at least look like the master race of ME. And agree with Granet have DOT work on the Prothean tech on Mars and find all the info regarding the Reapers and such

As always great work here keep it up and cant wait to see more and sorry for the late review was busy with stuff
12/13/2021 c8 Panther7229
Great chapter as usual! In regards to the pairing, if it’s not to late, Emile/Shepard seems to be the most logical choice based on previous interactions and experiences. First of all, Emile comes from a place and time where he and his humanity have been on the receiving end of genocide by every alien race they’ve come across. Secondly, from a young age he’s been indoctrinated to fight against aliens, which he’s done an admirable job of not flipping out and attacking the Mass Effect alien races at first sight no matter how many years it’s been, which doesn’t seem conducive to forming a romantic relationship with a member of an alien species. Thirdly, Spartans, regardless of generation, have been portrayed to show their feelings towards other humans and Spartans through actions not words, e.g. the Spartan Smile and other actions of comraderie or affection. It seems over the past few chapters Emile and Shepard are at least developing a strong friendship that would most likely develop into a romantic relationship to the extent a Spartan understands romance.
12/13/2021 c8 1Ray SK
I just wanted to leave another review now that I'm all caught up

ya based on most reasonable estimates MAC guns for cruiser weigh halo ships would be a few megatons and on larger ships like a valiant about a dozen

also I love the idea that an elite is now running around and a strong one at that.

I hope you maybe show his transformation and forced adaptation to this new universe

lastly I think many don't realize just how strong elites are. they are ridiculously strong shown to be able to quite casually lift and toss a 1000 pounds with little issue
12/12/2021 c8 Ray SK
giving support for the story as it's nice to see a story centered around the brash built effective noble 4
12/11/2021 c7 Monstrr
Not a lot of emile stories on here and am glad to see someone making one. Keep up the great work
12/11/2021 c8 EffervescentNova
Pretty cool story.

Poor Padok
12/6/2021 c8 Havalt300
I like the story a lot and what I like most is that the changes brought about by UNSC tech are believable.
12/6/2021 c7 Havalt300
I am more for Emile/Ashley (ME3 look).
12/5/2021 c8 1demonoid217
One scary thing to note is due to the covenants beliefs, the elites we actually being held back, Atriox and the banished show how dangerous one elite can be when he isn’t held back by the fanatical beliefs that poisoned their minds. Nice job on showing how smart elites can really be if they put their minds to it. He didn’t even need his weapons to kill the STG. He probably would feel that even a human he was lead to hate beyond all belief was a better fight than the lot of them
12/2/2021 c8 RainbowLightning101.1
Yo, now this is a story worth mentioning. A lot of these fanfics gloss over the details that make or break a story. I can't wait to see what Emile has in store for us!
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