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12/23/2004 c5 3futagoat02
yes, i did read the whole story, but is freaking out again... This is a BEAUTIFUL story. I was almost bursting into tears at the last chapter! If that happens, that means the story has got to be good! Dude, you are one great writer!

1/16/2004 c6 Stephanie
The story is just as touching the second time around as the first. I reread this story after checking out your updates. Please don't disappear. Take care.
11/28/2003 c6 EJ
loved it! i really liked the powers thier kids had :)
10/29/2003 c6 Jubilee124
This was such a GREAT story! It made me made me cry...I just LOVED it. Thanx
6/16/2003 c6 ChuChing
oh my god, I love this fic. It made me cry, it actually made me cry. But it was so very very good! I love Mel she's such a cool character and I loved the ending, it was just so perfect. At first I couldnt believe you killed off one of your own characters, a main one at that, I was shocked and I thought 'she better have made this into a happy ending or there's gonna be hell to pay' But then I couldnt think of how on earth you could make it into a happy ending when she was dead. But you did and it was fantastic! =) Thanks for that. But anyways way cool story and character, and awsome ending.
5/16/2003 c6 Euryleias
Wow! What an amazing story. I was reading one of your other stories and decided to see what else you had written. I was happy when I found out you wrote in the X-Men fandom. There was my favorite character of Bobby...but, it wasn't slash and had an OFC, so I almost didn't read further which would have been a great loss on my part. The character of Melanie was fantastic! I love how you developed her...made her a 'hero' but not so much so that it became annoying...if that makes sense. I like how everyone in the story wasn't perfect...each non-heroic problem they faced made the story come more alive. Even though I cried when Mel died, I'm glad you handled it the way you did. Had everyone continued on happily or you brought her back, I would have felt cheated of my grief. I just really liked the story - not that you've turned me from my slashy ways. :) Thanks for sharing such a touching story.
3/7/2003 c1 ROGUE

i am SO not reading this!
10/29/2002 c6 23ladybugg
Good way to make me cry, which I did a few times for real. OK maybe I cried a lot, but that was definately one good read. That was quite a ending there. Words can't describe how powerful your words were. Shoot that should be the next X-Men movie. I totally loved it. Then that was pure genious the way you summed up their lives. Poetic. Keep up the splendid writing, I'll be reading more of your stories, if you'll write them.
10/27/2002 c2 ladybugg
Darn it, this is really good. Normally I don't read stories that have orginal characters in it, but you managed to make Melanie an official X-Men. She is tha bomb. I love where you're taking this story. Unfortunately it's time for me to go to sleep, but I will finish the remaining chapters tomorrow. Best believe it! Man I want to finish this tonight, but alas sleep awaits.
9/5/2002 c6 Carole

I love the ending, its sooo sweet ::giggles insanely and bounces up and down on chair like a crazy woman:: oh wait, I AM crazy! ::grins:: I really like this story! Mel is super cool and if I wasn't so tormented I'd be a lot like her, shes a really 'real' character if ya know what I mean, well at least in my opinion anyways.

Once again, LOVE the story, Keep up the good work!
5/29/2002 c6 White Raven
Hey there!

I just wanted to know that I just love this story. I even cried when I read the last chapter and let me tell you, I don't do that very often. Now to a question I have for you. Would you consider writing something like this about one of my characters I have created? Her name is Josephine Chavez and I thought about putting her together with Remy. Write me back and I'll give the rest of the info on her.

Again, I loved "Melting Ice". It was beautiful in my opinion.
12/10/2001 c6 Velvet
Hmmm how can you tell a good story? How about the fact that Ive stayed up till 1am to read it, this is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read it was so deep and emotive you are truely a gifted author, thankyou for sharing this amazing story with me , your characters were so deep and real and it was absolutely wonderful your very gifted... :)
5/20/2001 c6 K
Hm. Okay, I just read the ENTIRE thing. And I'm just going to be honest. I thought it was an interesting story, but there were a lot of times when I said: "Huh?" The characters didn't seem themselves a lot of the times, mainly the Bobby/Scott interactions (why are they such bitter enemies? why does Bobby treat Scott like a teacher and Scott treat Bobby like a student? "Sir"?), and the way you "developed" Bobby's character was in a way that left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I mean, I understand that you took liberties with characters to turn your story into just that: YOUR STORY, but I was a little disappointed. Despite all of the previous reviews, raving about the character of Mel, I have say that I didn't really like her at all. Sorry. Her power was interesting, but it would've been nice to explain it a little more, I just really couldn't picure how she absorbed and "de-absorbed" things. When I tried was kinda gross. :P Anyway, I guess I'm also a little biased or prejudiced, whatever the word is, because Bobby is my favorite X-Man, and I feel like nobody so far is good enough for him. :) Oh, BUT, I thought that you really captured his sense of humour and his friendship with Beast REALLY well! Bravo to that! All in all (well, I could go on longer, but I won't), it was fun to read, and that's that!
4/25/2001 c6 chris vogler
Great story i hope you are thinking of writing one about nightcrawler!
4/12/2001 c6 shannon
that was the best story keep it up!
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