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for Regentes de la noche

12/21/2013 c1 Guest
This is an english translation:
Regents of the night
This emerged from a dialogue of Princess moon "sleepless in ponyville" and the fact that I bring a huge desire to write crossovers "RotG.
It was his duty, but did not mean that the witness would like some strange dream, or unpleasant, the prowl for the same, it was common for her princess night.
On one of his travels, to enter the dream of in foal, I noticed that it was a nightmare, the feeling of being watched was impossible to ignore. As you move through it, I hear a desperate flutter come from a cave in the four hid the dreamer in question, followed by a few steps. When he looked at the place, I fail to distinguish the small huddled behind a rock, hiding from what appeared to be a Pegasus remarkable stature. Realizing the situation, Moon could not help meddling, calling the attention of the stallion, allowing the foal running out.
"Well, the princess of the night in person, will I know that would allow the honor of your presence at this humble nightmare, your highness?" ask the wheedling with Pegasus, out of the shadows, allowing view greyish mantle, accompanied with golden eyes, a mischievous smile on his face.
"Torturing a foal, what this currently you do?" I claim the mare angry, not intimidated in the least, even though he was almost as tall, unusual in a pony.
"Highness, you know that nightmares are necessary for growth and overcoming of self, really, just do 'duty,'" replied the, while the latest was said with a tone almost mocking, folding her wings and wandering around the alicorn.
"But your presence in it is not necessary, only adds unnecessary suffering and fears."
"Princess, it seems that you have softened, what happened with the regal and beautiful mare who wanted to rule over an eternal night?"
"Do not you dare speak those words, Pitchnier, remember your closure!" exclaimed the princess, while adding in lowest you. "Equivalent to mine."
The Pegasus smirk, seeing her reaction Night regent, only widened, his golden eyes showing a dangerous glint. "Forgive my lack of respect, Your Highness ..." replied, asking for an apology. "But remember, this is my 'duty' in a way."
"I understand and respect your role as king of nightmares, Pitchnier, but remember who rule Equestria, and who rules the night." It was all I said the regent, spreading its wings and disappearing in a flash of light, leaving the king of nightmares in its domain.
Who found read this far, thank you. Reviews on the review accepted.
My opinion (mi opinion): amazing
12/18/2012 c1 3Dragoneisha
Bueno, mucho bueno. Leer divertido. (Gracias espaƱol clase.)

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