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for The Twelve Days of Christmas

3/28/2022 c12 Mursaat
A sweet & funny story, i loved the Logan/Ororo chapter the most lol.
6/24/2015 c3 Magykal-guest
This one's genius XD
3/17/2015 c4 Guest
I wanted to see Mystique giving Irene something. Or something of the sort.
6/21/2013 c12 3Flareup4Ratchet
I just found this one and loved every minute of it. I cracked up through a few of them and the others were just "aww..that was so cute and sweet" hehehe... Great job! I love Piotr/Kitty... Lance would have found a way to screw it up for sure, so great choice for the last one... :)
12/29/2012 c12 5Snowdrop-143
Cutesie perhaps a valentines day or new year bash epilogue :)?
12/27/2012 c12 10flying feather scribbles
:) Loved this fic. See you next story! :D
12/27/2012 c11 flying feather scribbles
:) Cute chapter. :)
12/27/2012 c10 flying feather scribbles
:D Great chapter!
12/26/2012 c9 flying feather scribbles
:) :) :D
12/26/2012 c8 flying feather scribbles
Aw... :)
12/26/2012 c7 flying feather scribbles
Hilarious! :D
12/26/2012 c6 flying feather scribbles
Cute :)
12/25/2012 c12 53Sonar
12/24/2012 c12 20Wolf skater
Awe how cute. Crap there's none left. Oh well Next story!
12/24/2012 c12 68xmenfan33
aww. This was sweet :) Merry Christmas
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