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4/26 c34 awsome10
Dude, the fuck happened to Minato, you just left the story like and expect us to okay with it? Fucking nah!
4/18 c34 Red1ace86
Please update this story is to good
3/28 c34 Guest
Could you please continue the story, it is an amazing stoy but it shouldn't end at a point like this.
Love your work
3/11 c34 Un estudiante
No sé si leerás esto pero bueno, recientemente descubrí está historia por medio de un canal de Youtube, estoy muy agradecido contigo por haberla escrito, me gusto mucho y la disfrute, no sé porque abandonaste hace ya 7 años pero espero estés bien.

PD: gracias por tan buena historia
1/8 c1 yourmom123
I loved the "it's a mix of red and yellow. how could *not* be awesome" line. that a very good line
1/7 c3 taiwoeretan1
Isn t Naruto progressing too fast in his training?
1/6 c9 Haji the Monster
that couch bit is bullshit. she had no right to the knowledge of akatsuki, because it's an S-ranked secret, so all her 'righteous feminine fury' is irrelevant and your way of making useless comedy.
12/27/2021 c34 Guest
Ok it's clear onoki is dead meat and I was will face the kuramaiwa is finish
12/18/2021 c34 Kalifal
Bruh this is so intense at the moment
11/11/2021 c34 1yindragonkiba
Loved it thus far wish there was more
11/5/2021 c34 79YeagerMeister31
Well, that was a nice chapter, a total clusterfuck but Naruto slaughtered the Iwa nin, and I wonder what Kurotsuchi will do, she's not getting out of Konoha alive, alas it's a shame there's been no updates in years.
11/4/2021 c33 YeagerMeister31
Things keep getting interesting, I do wonder what Kurotsuchi's deal was did she really want to be with Naruto or was she talking BS believing Naruto would believe her, Ino was stupid to evesdrop on clan business, I wonder what will happen though yes she's hurt but thing will be interesting, I wonder what Temari will think of Kurotsuchi's plan, next chapter should be interesting.
11/1/2021 c6 Guest
Reading the words hime and uzumaki namikaze are enough to start inducing physical pain
11/3/2021 c32 YeagerMeister31
This was another amusing chapter I wonder when Temari will allow Ino to be with Naruto not until she's had the twins.
11/2/2021 c31 YeagerMeister31
That was amusing, wonder what the ANBU want and why there angry.
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