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8/27/2018 c1 3sribblee
Please please please please please continue! It's been five years since you last updated! Why? What happened? I need more!
12/22/2014 c7 SheWhoDancesWithFire
please finish your stories!
9/30/2014 c7 1mkm12
Great story! I've never seen a take on Tahno like this before, and I have to say you're doing a fantastic job with writing him. Korra too! Overall I would love to read what happens next, so hopefully some time in the future I will be able to! Like I said so, great great great job and you have a very interesting plot/story line!
9/14/2013 c1 inkheartedg1rl
I've only read this first chapter, and I'm already in love with this story! Keep up the amazing writing!
7/24/2013 c7 AnkukoTenma
So I just got into this pairing. Please continue this story. It's so a very angsty and wonderful. I can't wait for the next chapter.
5/1/2013 c7 The Persona
Dammit I hope you're writing more of this cuz it's fudging awesome. Great style, this type of writing fits Korra/Tahno stories perfectly. I'll be checking back for more :)
3/3/2013 c7 9Haquikah
Nice and dark. Deep and threatening. You sure know your stuff. Very good writing so far. Please keep writing. Yeh I know not very good review lets see if you can get a better one out of me.
2/3/2013 c7 stillstarstrukk
Omg sooo good, please continue!
1/31/2013 c7 10CatFlorist
I love the allusion to Jet here :) You're doing a great job with this fic and I can't wait until the next update!
1/21/2013 c7 9potsugi-deactivated
It's so beautiful. The characters, the narrative, the story, the idea is so good I can't even (dies of FEELS). The entire thing is perfect and so very emotional, but this last chapter was too much. I was eating, you see. Nutella. Beloved Nutella that prevents anyone from being sad. But at some point in here I stopped eating, and started clutching the spoon, and I swar, by the end of the chapter the poor thing was TWISTED in my hands. I was that into the chapter.
So now? Fuck yes I'm prepared for next chapter!
Now if you excuse me, I'm going to cry myself to sleep. Don't mind if I follow and favorite.
1/18/2013 c7 Guest
Dude, DAMN. That was hard to read at times because I had issues with suicidal thoughts before so, um, yah. Past that now, long past, but seeing someone else go through that even fictitiously sometimes strikes a chord. I guess this one did because, at that time I was abit like Korra too. As a story this is FABULOUS everything seems in character. I'm curious to see how Tahno's encounter with Amon will affect Korra's confrontation with him.
1/16/2013 c3 157deathrosekitty
I'm wondering how they got into this predicamite but it's so much fun to read I hope this goes on forever.
1/16/2013 c2 deathrosekitty
What are they going to do? It's crazy, yet amazing!
1/16/2013 c1 deathrosekitty
Wow. I'd be scared if I was her.
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