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5/4 c51 Solavah
Just doing a re-read of my collected fanfiction links and just wanted to say that I'm happy this story is still alive - and that the plot twist with harry instead of dumbledore is very interesting
4/24 c1 sakura is a bitch
Why does every story have to be with slash
3/19 c51 cerulean369
I’m really enjoying reading this! Finally shifting towards some reaction from Harry regarding Tom;). I’m also glad Harry was trying to make a effort to actually talk to the Slytherins, although I’m waiting to see Ron’s reaction to that.
3/9 c51 deadlyvixen77
Ahhh,I absolutely love this fic! ️ I can't wait for the next chapter! :D
3/5 c51 Shadow Eclipse
Love as always
Maybe now Harry will get a clue about sirius and remus
3/5 c51 1scarletcat969
finally got caught up. I just started this story about 3-4 days ago and have been reading or listening to it. lol. I love it so far. what about they try that dark healing spell from the beginning. since no responsible healer would use such dark magic.
2/22 c50 Terry
thank you so much for updating it. I don't care if there are longer breaks between them ... life happens. But I love your story. The not knowing who to trust, what gmes/goals are played and Harry in the middle of it. The way you describe Harry allows me to great drawn into your story, somtimes smile, sometimes - in this chapter - want to cry for everything being so unfair...
Wouldn't it be nice if Dracula does have information on this curse and in order to help him he might offer Harry an apprenticship in order for Draculars secret to remain secrets but this would open a third party in this story and wouldn't that be fun and screw with Dumbledores and Voldemorts plans... because I still do not believe that Voldemort has a true change of hart. I mean his life in orphanage was not good, in school he did not find friend according to information up to this point - so why should he feel compassionate towards a child that the prophecy said could be his downfall... sure I could imagine that for Voldemore right now it is only about manipulating Harry to his side - using caution so that Harry will come to his side without too much fight and if he gets Sirius and Remus... Harry will do many things for them if they are threathened - could be a failsafe for Voldemort.
Really looking forward how your story evolves. I will check for new chapters on your story.
2/11 c51 Guest
awesome! I'm so glad you've updated! Thank you!
2/7 c51 6SoraMalfoySlythern
yay Slytherin friendship! I'm happy
2/7 c51 Tania Game
Awesome update. Love Tom and Harry. And also glad to see the other Slytherins accepting Harry.
2/6 c51 14Mariko89
Oh my God... It really is...the last chapter has been read. I think I'm going to cry a little bit...after leaving this review, of course.
I could tell you how amazing this story is but I feel it wouldn't do it justice, you know? MAybe I should try something more detailed...yes, let's try. I love the characters you're picturing, from how the change, evolve, their thought process and how they react to event and to each other presence. I love how Harry moves on from accepting everything thrown at him to questionning, doubting while feeling insecure about his choices, their possible consequences (for his friendships for exemple), it shows the process of growing up, emancipating his thinking from others to make his own. I also really like your Tom whom is both Dark Lordish and so human too, I can't wait how it is going to run with Harry. I fear for Harry but I'm sure you'll find a solution to save his life while using it to advance on his path to the dark (and Tom, lol!). Maybe something like using a dark ritual where he willingly sacrifice his arm to transplant one from another man, killing him (some kind of scumbag so as to make it acceptable to Harry) which would save his life and show him that dar magic is good enough to save lives, like his own... Don't know, I'm impatient to read what you'll come up with... Thank you again for this wonderful story.
2/5 c19 Dark God Vecta
I wish you should've made his password something more clever and in Parseltongue coz Padfoot is too predictable especially if we're talking about people close to Harry
2/5 c51 Melikalilly
I love this story and I had fun rereading it again especially as I was trying to remember the story that had greyback sticking a fork in a socket and then you updated and in reading it again I excited that this was the story
2/3 c51 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
2/2 c22 Mariko89
I don't know why I waited to write a review...No, in fact, I know why. It's just because I was so taken by the story I couldn't stop myself to read and keep clicking on the 'next' button...
I really like how this story pictures the characters, not a lot of changes at first but those are explained and justify how things go on. Harry doesn't suddenly become overly powerful and godlike, it's a slow process related to his desire to better himself and finally questionning what's happen around him and why. That's like a relief because you write it in a way that I wish would/should have happen in the original story. It's far more credible than to expect an abused boy to be happy lucky going without ever thinking by himself, like a mere puppet. So...what I meant to say is : THANK YOU!
I don't know when I'll write the next review, it's so difficult to stop reading to write one (right now, I itch like hell) but I'll do it, promise.
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