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10/30 c52 The American Witch
sooooo what happens?!
10/19 c8 Cloud lover
Hey I'm having some problems it won't let me go to chapter nine It goes to a white screen I've updated but it didn't work I need help I really Ike this story please help
10/19 c1 Guest
Fanfiction net is acting up I can't go to another chapter it just goes white indeed help
7/23 c52 Guest
I enjoyed this story. It's sad that it is not finished. Thank you for what you have written.
7/23 c39 Guest
Excellent. I don't mind the cliffhangers.
7/22 c22 Guest
This is one of my favorites. It's well written.
4/11 c52 Eve
Oh please please, this was sooo good! I've read this story in less than two days!
The characters are incredibly written, the plot is very interesting and I really want to know what happens next! I am so hoping that Harry will get cured...
Regardless, I'm so happy I found this story! Thank you for writing this amazing piece!
4/8 c52 Buba2407
I saw that this is the last chapter and reading this story will come to an end. most of the stories on this platform that interest me have not been updated for years. but you can't abandon it at a time like this!
3/31 c52 3Kabuki-San
cant wait for the next chapter!
3/13 c52 1GoDrinkPinesol624
love it can't wait for more!
10/12/2022 c52 Dragonheart24
Please update
9/26/2022 c52 anbroa
OMG! PLEASE keep going! This is such a cliff hanger... Lol.

Love the story so far. I was very surprised to see that Harry took the ring instead of Albus. I hope this ritual works. If not maybe the vampires could half-turn him? Hybrid Harry works. :D
9/17/2022 c52 geliahs
Hello thank you
9/12/2022 c52 2KLG868814
Reading this for a the 20th time since I found it a few years ago and still flipping love it! Hope you update again soon 3
7/12/2022 c52 Guest
I really like this story, and I can't wait for more posts
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