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5/25 c29 Fluffiest
I really like this story and I hope that you'll update again soon!
8/29/2019 c29 1Lover of Emotions
that is good. update soon please. i hope you haven't forgotten about the story.
7/13/2019 c29 lara5170
This is an interesting and enjoyable story and I'm looking forward to reading more but it doesn't look as if it is being continued. Is there any chance that this story will be continued?
10/21/2018 c29 Phoenixx Rising
I’m really loving this story! I hope that you are still updating it.
5/8/2017 c29 1NeKo19-94
Next plis
1/6/2017 c29 Guest
You stopped. No way. Please hurry up with the following updates!
11/17/2016 c29 Ilovestars o
I loved this story... I hope you decide to finish it.
But if you don't, you should consider putting it for adaption. The plot is just to good to leave it like this.
peace o/
11/1/2016 c29 sheilapyle1986
love this story can't wait for another chapter
10/26/2016 c29 Sakuraa Uchiha
I love this. It would be nice to have more NaruSasu/SasuNaru on it... but out of that it's really nice. Don't give up on it!
10/20/2016 c11 Guest Gabrieel
Jesus, one of my friends told me about this story like two days ago. I just had time to read it and it's reeeeeeally nice so far! Can't wait to finish it! Nice work!
10/20/2016 c29 The reader111
OMG I love this so much!
PLEASE finish if you can... This story is just... aaaaaaah
10/17/2016 c29 MarinaNina
Hey, it's been almost a year since your last update... did you gave up on the story? You shouldn't! it's really good :)
9/8/2016 c29 P. Cythera
Interesting so far. I like it. Keep up the good work and write more soon!
5/23/2016 c29 1Jinxxs
plz type a new chapter
2/24/2016 c29 2TheDancingMelon
ohh... Nice, more please.
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