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9/27 c11 Guest
Glad to have been reminded of this fic. Shame about the cliffhanger, though.

Given the last update difference in date, I hope you're okay.
8/16 c9 3loki98065
very funny wish there were a few more chapters
8/12 c11 Isekai-Fanboy
Ich Hasse dich...
... dafür dass ich diese Geschichte mag.
... dafür dass du sie lange Zeit nicht aktualisiert hast.
... dafür dass, das letzte Kapitel mit einem Cliffhanger beendet wurde
... dafür dass ich jetzt Jahrelang auf eine Kampfsequenz warte, die wahrscheinlich niemals kommen wird

... dafür
7/19 c11 Crill13
I'm still so sad that this story was never continued. There's not alot of great Buffy/Harry stories and this is probably my favorite
7/9 c11 MrKeyFox
And he was never seen again...
7/8 c11 SlickRCBD
Well, it's been another 5 years, should I assume this wonderful story is dead?
Or was the posting of chapter 11 it arising as a vampire, only to get staked by a Slayer?
5/28 c11 jaqmaq77
And such a pity - 5 year to write basically 10 chapters... I really liked this story, what there is of it... but to put it in perspective...

Tolstoy wrote 'War and Peace', in six years... 587,287 words...
No ball point pen, typewriters, or word processors in 1863...

Tolkien wrote 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord of the Rings' in 12 years...
576,459 words... and that was during WW2... with a typewriter.

Rowling wrote 'Harry Potter' in 6 years. 7 books, 1,084,170 words...

5 years... that's what? 2 words a day? 14 words a week?
I'm 70... (stamp my feet and spit out my dummy)... I want more of this great story...
3/23 c1 Pirate King James
I am loving this fic, hope to see more of it one day :)
2/24 c11 2avigor
More dream teaser, mysterious minion-owner teaser, and setup for an epic boss fight that sadly has been 3 years overdue...
Course I'm one to talk as I've barely written anything.
2/24 c10 avigor
fingers crossed we'll get more fanfic...
2/24 c9 avigor
Very, very curious where those dreams are intended to go.
Dinner was *HILARIOUS!*
2/24 c8 avigor
Love the way Joyce is on Harry's side. Also kinda want to see more of Legion...
2/24 c7 avigor
Love the way Harry's story of Dumbles plays into the Devil interpretation of the Scoobies and he doesn't know it.
Don't think I've seen Primal Human elsewhere, but then again I haven't read much Buffy fanfiction so I can't say with certainty.
2/24 c6 avigor
Really curious who the guy with the numbered villains is, I swear it sounds familiar but I can't figure it out.
Love to see a workable magical solution to that brain tumor... too bad it isn't quite mass-producable.
2/24 c5 avigor
And of course, Lilah slam dunks it, Xander kicks butt, and Harry has zero mercy for those who deserve none.
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