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2/24 c11 2avigor
More dream teaser, mysterious minion-owner teaser, and setup for an epic boss fight that sadly has been 3 years overdue...
Course I'm one to talk as I've barely written anything.
2/24 c10 avigor
fingers crossed we'll get more fanfic...
2/24 c9 avigor
Very, very curious where those dreams are intended to go.
Dinner was *HILARIOUS!*
2/24 c8 avigor
Love the way Joyce is on Harry's side. Also kinda want to see more of Legion...
2/24 c7 avigor
Love the way Harry's story of Dumbles plays into the Devil interpretation of the Scoobies and he doesn't know it.
Don't think I've seen Primal Human elsewhere, but then again I haven't read much Buffy fanfiction so I can't say with certainty.
2/24 c6 avigor
Really curious who the guy with the numbered villains is, I swear it sounds familiar but I can't figure it out.
Love to see a workable magical solution to that brain tumor... too bad it isn't quite mass-producable.
2/24 c5 avigor
And of course, Lilah slam dunks it, Xander kicks butt, and Harry has zero mercy for those who deserve none.
2/24 c4 avigor
Gotta admit, I love the Taraka interpretation, Dawn's shenanigans, and the Shoveler! Almost wish there would be a Mystery Men reference at some point...
2/24 c3 avigor
Love the way Lindsey low-key soils himself.
If I ever write a Buffy fanfic of my own (which if I do TBH will probably be a crossover with Young Wizards cause they have their own "Powers" a couple of whom are named; incidentally, one of those, the Lone Power, is basically the in-universe inspiration of the biblical Devil), I will DEFINITELY have Willy using this kind of system for purchasing information lol (albeit I'd probably give him something that can accelerate healing to go with cause yeah goin through the meatgrinder if you can't heal from it easily would be tough... and now I'm thinking maybe he has a setup where he somehow feeds on violent energy so is secretly feeding while people are "buying" information?)
2/24 c2 avigor
Kinda wishing there was a better term for a sustained misunderstanding trope lol
Final line: foreshadowing done right.
2/24 c1 avigor
Read it and came back to leave comments cause I love it and want to see more...
1/29 c11 DipstickMadden
More please
11/29/2021 c1 mddomene
Was he supposed to sound so much like the typical story of Lucifer Morningstar? Lol. It's pretty cool.
11/22/2021 c1 Lycanthromancer
Very funny and some really entertaining conceits, but it could really use some real proofreading, or even some beta-work.
11/8/2021 c11 demon87
Very super
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