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for Naruto: What If

9/18 c26 SkyNeves
Yep... I'm done. Sorry the manipulation and "forced love" didn't work for me. It'd be easier for him to get hurt after this and then move on to someone his age or even another Jonin from the leaf.
9/5 c1 1Monsieur Mastermind
The hell is MSG?
6/17 c74 Guest
Wow, Anko isna piece of shit I can't believe you actually plot forced them together, you should have just killed the cheating whore
6/17 c74 Guest
This entire chapter was pointless disgusting crap, all you've done is shown just how shitty a person Anko is and I hope she dies
6/9 c64 4Alrissa
After the time skip this reads like bad fanfiction of "Naruto what if"
6/9 c39 Alrissa
... Didn't Kabuto get taken out by an anbu squad just before chuunin exams explicitly because Sasuke outed him.
6/6 c10 jaybay23911
Your giving info way to easily and the fact that the support characters go along with the charade make it boring. Why are you making him a mary sue ?
6/5 c8 jay.mcgrathvolau
Your being way to liberal with your information, pulling info out of your ass and giving it freely doesn't do any good for the story, it make it boring. Plus, your making him to perfect, you need to put some kinks on his plot armor or this is going to get real boring fast. If the comedy wasn't any good I would've dropped this.
3/22 c55 meryfcuckery
first she literally manipulates and seduces him on orders of someone else and now she cheats on him and hes okay with this shit?
3/22 c61 meryfcuckery
srsly she cheats on him and he forgives her fuck off with that shes a whore
3/16 c59 Guest
i just realized you updated this on 2020 but you published it on 2012
3/8 c35 Guest
"Awesomesauce!" - blade8821 2000 something
3/6 c16 Guest
wow i really really love this story because ANNOYING COMMENT CUT NO JUTSU! but seriously i really love this story
12/15/2021 c56 Astramilitarum01
To me the story lost most of it's charm with this whole Anko arc. It's just extra drama and shifted the whole tone and feel of the story very hard into the Drama and Angst category.
In short for it being one of the major points into the story it's a giant Cluster fuck and feels like an addon for extra drama.
The story started fun but at this point I don't even care anymore
12/15/2021 c26 Astramilitarum01
This whole betrayal Spiel with Anko and her mission is going on a bit to long. It starts to really get on my nerves, finish that crap already and be done with it.
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