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for Naruto: What If

12/15/2021 c26 Astramilitarum01
This whole betrayal Spiel with Anko and her mission is going on a bit to long. It starts to really get on my nerves, finish that crap already and be done with it.
10/23/2021 c27 reptoholic
Good wrk
10/23/2021 c26 reptoholic
Yesss and bastard third
10/23/2021 c25 reptoholic
10/23/2021 c24 reptoholic
10/23/2021 c23 reptoholic
10/23/2021 c22 reptoholic
WTF why is sarutobi such a fucking bastard?
10/23/2021 c21 reptoholic
shittttttt come on sasuke, make her jealous then
10/23/2021 c20 reptoholic
10/23/2021 c19 reptoholic
10/23/2021 c18 reptoholic
PLEASEEE have him figure out what is going on. The longer this story goes the more I love this sasuke, but seeing him be betrayed, I HATE
10/23/2021 c17 reptoholic
keep it up
10/23/2021 c16 reptoholic
good job
10/23/2021 c15 reptoholic
...come on get some already
10/23/2021 c14 reptoholic
find out sasuke, either fuck her or maker her feel the same pain
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