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for Naruto: What If

10/23/2021 c13 reptoholic
I do hope he goes in a rage when he finds out she betrayed him. He can be that forgiving. Fuck Sarutobi
10/23/2021 c12 reptoholic
rat out kabuto
10/23/2021 c11 reptoholic
Why does he not learn new things from hsi clan compound? he has full access to all of their scrolls
10/23/2021 c10 reptoholic
hope sasuke takes the lead instead of him putting naruto on a pedistal... he is like anaruto fanboy
10/23/2021 c9 reptoholic
lmfao interesting
10/23/2021 c8 reptoholic
he is like naruto
10/23/2021 c7 reptoholic
keep it up sasuke...
10/23/2021 c6 reptoholic
10/23/2021 c5 reptoholic
while I like sasuke, he is too light sided it seems... Hope he figures out what is happening. It kind of pisses me off he knows everything and is fine with it, and the fucking sandaime does nothing to stop his friend but keeps fucking over the uchiha
10/23/2021 c4 reptoholic
Please have him figure out the truth or turn anko. Hate seeing your main Cnget manipulated. That is Line theft by placing her to be the Uchiha matriarch
10/23/2021 c3 reptoholic
hope he gets STRONGER faster and does not give a way all his secrest and training methods
10/23/2021 c2 reptoholic
hope eh gets a harem!
10/23/2021 c1 reptoholic
10/15/2021 c48 5plums
Really? Danzo mindfuckery?

This is almost enough for me to just close down this story.
10/15/2021 c38 plums

I thought Kabuto was dead
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