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for Naruto: What If

9/22/2021 c4 Guest
yea the oc is shit. The whole spilling his guts about various canon facts followed by the anko stuff is just nonsense and sucks. And his makeover? really?
7/17/2021 c23 17CandyGirl999
His gourd was still strapped to his body, weighing him down even further. I'd've guesstimated the whole lot weighed around two hundred pounds when saturated

But Gaara’s gourd is mad of sand as well. Shouldn’t it have de solved as soon as it got drenched?
7/8/2021 c4 NastySquire
This is pathetic. The author just makes every character stupid so the MC can look smart. All while having the MC basically shout village secrets that he should in no way have knowledge of (if he was the real Sasuke) all while saying "I know things cuz I'm just a good ninja or my father had reports before he died". What a great coincidence that all that intel is gone and we can only rely on the MC like that's going to fly in a ninja village. In reality, he would have been taken in for interrogation immediately.
7/6/2021 c59 Fachi
Congrats on ruining me emotionally, are you sure you aren't Sir Lucifer Morningstar's secret evil twin.
7/6/2021 c48 Fachi
I really liked this at first, then I hated Anko, then I found it annoying. I hated Anko and nothing changed it. It wasn't fun seeing the energetic and funny Sasuke turn into this guy that would listen to Anko no matter what.
7/6/2021 c11 Fachi
Dude this is amazing, Sasuke the godamned trolling god
7/6/2021 c2 Fachi
Holy shit, I should have said it before, but I keep giggling like a fuckin high school girl in between these funny bits
7/6/2021 c1 Fachi
I do that silent laugh thing, and when you get me laughing ALOUD and LITERALLY GASPING FOR AIR in the first chapter... I call that a 10/10 in the first impressions book
6/13/2021 c1 The Lord Bread
Um, Japaneseasian
Asianyummy cats
Racist? Yes
True? Worringly so
So 'but killin cats isnt so bad for them
6/10/2021 c69 Guest
I dunno what the goal was with having kin,zabuza and haku sacrifice themselves for the edo tensei, it aint like theres a shortage of missing nin criminals

That looked like an ooc moment for me for tsunade and jiraya its like they want him to be more emo than he already is

Alsoooo more importantly
“Those who abandon their comrades are worse that trash”? Like is that just for show
6/10/2021 c67 Guest
Bruh why da fuck would they do d ranks for wreking a village? They attacked first
6/10/2021 c65 Guest
Bruh whyd ya kill 3 allies tho?da fooock man

He coulda just killed enemies for fuuuucks sake like bruh what happened to whoever kills his comrades or abandoned whatever is worse than trash?

Kakashi would fight those 2 sanin with his life and sasuke would snip jirayas balls and bitch slap tsunades tits till you can knot them together like shoe laces

Killing someone ya dont know is easier than some one ypu do know


Their ninjaaasss whats with all the morality bullshit

Honor?they send children to war and assassinations

Author why you shit one sasuke like that

You just dont know what to do with them dont you?

Also ya traided haku and zabuza for yohiko whatshisname (his weak ass?) and useless nagato who i dont think has his hack eyes?

Cuz i dont think the edo tensei would reanimate with bodyparts that aint actually yours dude

Its like they wanna make sasuke nuke the village they so retarded

Has basic logic failed? Cuz i thought ninjas had more guts than that

Basically what im sayin is what a waste
5/2/2021 c54 Guest
Go fuck yourself with a hot poker you angst riddle emo fuck boi.
4/16/2021 c10 Darkepyon
Sigh im trying to read this fic but this and the last chapter are just making this a straight up crack fic which A the beginning of your story never indicated which if it had i wouldn't have bothered since those types of fics are almost always usually trash B Is a total waste of your ability to write I'm not going into the whole threatening the kiri kage in this because that section was ridiculous but here you have him basically come out and say can you teach me Chidori because one of the most dangerous criminals in their world is going to attack during these exams and what is his explanation on knowing this same joke of an answer het sold to the Hokage his father who had died years ago had notes that no one went over during the massacre that mysteriously have all the plans for the incoming invasion he would be in a cell in Konoha Torture and Interrogation Force faster then his head would spin and have a Yamanaka read his mind for half of the bs he's been spewing im astonished they hadn't already done so for the total 180 of his personality change.
3/28/2021 c4 1Sage of Seventh Sins
Dropped for being a cunt..
Like really, broadsword in Shinobi world...
Are you kidding me?
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