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for We Are Young

7/27/2017 c5 Guest
Everyone's dating eveyone ,a nd now she has to deal with Glimemr
7/27/2017 c3 Guest
Daym some drama!
6/5/2014 c17 Maureen
You so have to keep going I'm loving it
1/3/2014 c7 CamoChickkkk
It's cato y'all idiots
2/4/2013 c3 Aha Jean Ants
Well that escalated quickly!
1/9/2013 c8 Guest
awsm chapter
1/9/2013 c3 johanna
i 3 this chp
1/10/2013 c2 alexsfierros
I have a girl power t- shirt it's awesome
1/7/2013 c14 lily tumillo
OMG solo good when is the next chapter coming out!?#
1/7/2013 c17 obsessedchick44
wow, I'm so reading the next book! sorry I'm too lazy to log in:)
1/5/2013 c14 C
I luv I write more please
1/5/2013 c1 Emma
You are such an amazing writer. You get better and
better each time you update, my friend.
1/5/2013 c13 Kimmi
What the actual fuck. I literally had to force myself through reading this. This story has such good potential, the story line could definitely go places. But your writing is ridiculous. It's scattered and your thoughts are unformulated. I'm sorry but your writing style is completely juvenile.
1/6/2013 c17 41Clato 27
*gasp* I hope Cato kills his dad. That sounded really cruel… eh, that's who I am. Update soon
1/6/2013 c17 Xoxxx
Plez make the next book fast i love ur writeing
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