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for Pokémon: Dark's Epidemic and Light's Requiem

5/8/2013 c2 9DarkWolfAssassin
Very good. I've been waiting for this to update. It seems like an awesome story! Plus, you introduced Locke's love interest rather quickly.
1/23/2013 c1 DarkWolfAssassin
Very nice, I look forward to more of this.
If you do need OC's PM me and I will be more than happy to give one. I just need to know what you need of my OC (Looks, personality, if they need a Pokemon team etc) and I'll have one.
12/15/2012 c1 2Zuttii
aaaaaand it's one AM. Woo, go me.
Anyways :D I was so happy when my email buzzed and was like "new story from HoennregionmasterHK17". Flipped out.
I was confused during the whole fighting between Locke and Roosevelt but the end helped clear it up :3 You have a follower with a head cannon: Mr. Fancy has a cool mustache. I picture him like that. I mean his name is freaking "fancy"! :D
waitttt...pun...pun...pun... D: OMG I can't find it (reminder: 1am)
Besides my rambling :3 I can't wait to read more more more _ Keep it up!

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