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2/28/2013 c1 3Snow on Abbey Road
Thank everyone for the reviews and sticking with this story. Please keep reading and reviewing. I appreciate all the reviews. Please keep it up!
2/28/2013 c10 3Grucy
Good chapter! I love Snowfeather's warrior name!
2/27/2013 c10 11xXRainDaze.NiilaXx
Hey Tie-Dye! I liked this chapter, it moved it a bit fast, and some more detail would be great.
Good chapter!
2/8/2013 c9 xXRainDaze.NiilaXx
Hey Tie-Dye!
Anyway, good chapter, I liked it, and I like the names Snowfeather and Redecho. My only problem is the name Lionblaze. I sometimes use names from the books, but only minor characters, that hardly anybody knows/recall's, such as Rainleap and Ebonyclaw. It will become confusing if you use names of major characters, such as Fireheart, Squirrelflight, Jayfeather or Ivypool.
Also, try to add some more detail. Instead of just 'Snowpaw walked over to Cloudstar' maybe something like 'Snowpaw padded over to Cloudstar, her eyes wide with excitement' or something.
Anyway, great chapter! Keep writing!
1/27/2013 c8 3Grucy
Nice chapter. I understand why you can't make them longer. Homework sucks.
1/26/2013 c8 11xXRainDaze.NiilaXx
Good chapter!
Did I miss something, because Swiftpaw says they are going to be Warriors soon... I thought they had only been at the Clan for a couple of moons? Or, did I forget something?
Anyway, my only problem is its short, you could add more detail, and the repeated 'saids':
[Redpaw said "Yeah I'm starving! Oh yeah I almost forgot, Snowpaw, me and you are going on the dawn patrol tomorrow."
Snowpaw said "Okay great. Hopefully this is my last patrol as an apprentice."
Swiftpaw said "What do you mean?"
Lionpaw said "We're going to be warriors soon."
Frostpaw said "Wow, that's great!"]
Keep it up!
1/15/2013 c7 20MauMeow1
Yay! I made an account, my reviews will be from MauMeow1 now!

(Now MauMeow1)
1/9/2013 c7 MauMeow
Ooh...I love all the action in this chapter!
1/9/2013 c6 MauMeow
YAY! I wonder what their warrior names will be! ;D
1/8/2013 c7 Hollyflame
I think this was a fantastic chapter! Nice idea when you they retreated without a fight. I think you did a great job ont his chapter even though it was short. But that's okay! Please update soon!
1/8/2013 c7 11xXRainDaze.NiilaXx
Great chapter, as usual.
It refer's to the gray tom that Frostpaw is fighting as Pebblepaw, but how would she know that?
Also, I'm Robinpaw, I got an account. PLease feel free to read and review my story, Apprentice's Journey.
Keep writing,
- Robinpaw/Rain
1/8/2013 c7 3Grucy
Yay, awesome chapter! This has to be one of the best fanfics I've ever read!
1/3/2013 c6 Hollyflame
That was really good. I think you did a great job on this chapter! YAY! Keep UPDATING!
1/3/2013 c6 Grucy
Good chapter!
1/2/2013 c5 MauMeow
Ooh, I wonder what they're apprentice names will be! :3 love this story
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