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3/7/2018 c3 3TheMagicalCreator413
Eridan is a hipster
Cronus is... i don't even know
1/23/2017 c43 Guest
SIXTY ACTS OMFG. There you go.
1/17/2017 c21 Guest
It took me a minute to figure out why Dave had his headphones and Gamzee was moaning. I regret finding out.
6/5/2016 c75 MaxLightwoodBane
I now have a hard time believing that this is complete, as it is utterly fabulous, and my soul is now as incomplete as this story, so are you sure you're done with it? I mean, its totally cool if you are and I understand how sometimes you can get bored writing a story or become unable to finish it, but are you really sure? Cause I though it was absolutely fin-tastic and could de-furr-nitely read another 75 acts of it.
5/9/2016 c72 c4yaelfgel
hello! gr8 story, looooveeee it! I recently unearthed this from an email a friend sent me from like a year ago...
just wanted to say, there is no A button on a PS3 controller. you may mean the X button?
h8 to be so picky, and I know this review seems pretty dumb but whatever. keep it up!
8/29/2015 c43 1ShadowsLiveOn
Am I missing something? Did Karkat and Sollux used to be a thing, but is no longer a thing and that's how they had their falling out?
Great story btw
8/22/2015 c19 tavrxs
This chapters a/n makes me laugh bc it says it might be only 35 chapters but look where it is now
I'm laughing lmao
8/15/2015 c42 Guest
6/1/2015 c29 Piccolo
Shoulda' named the thing Koshekh.
3/30/2015 c14 HayleeKa
you shoulda done the other version meow
3/29/2015 c29 Guest
As a canadian who legally enters the bar all the time at age 19, I was so genuinely confused for a moment that 20 year olds needed someone older to buy booze
3/29/2015 c28 Guest
As a vegitarian, I soo feel eri there. "You like peperoni, right?" You know how many times family members have siad simaler things to me? ITS BEEN 3 FUCKING YEARS PEOPLE
3/23/2015 c75 2BomberFireworksGalore
This such an awesome story! I really like it, you are really good at writing .
I read all 75 chapters in one day! I just couldnt stop reading! ( i also really enjoyed the intermissions i thought they were pretty cool )

And the prank with the toothpaste was pretty funny! I am rwlly glad you wrote this story and i found it and read it, definitely one of my favorite fanfics i have ever read! You did a really aweaome job
12/14/2014 c75 2justifyingReality413
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH OH MY GOG THIS IS THE SHIT I LOVE THIS! And Vriska's character development from antagonist to antihero is pretty cool... and the wwiizard costume. And their using each others'typing quirks is twwo cute.
10/16/2014 c75 18bitagent
Absolutely amazing!
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