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for Blood Spilt Is One More Life Lost

3/6/2013 c11 1Salt the Snail
Once again, a few rounds of amazing writing and characters from great authors and I am so proud to be apart of this! This is really developing into an amazing story.
3/5/2013 c11 25Blue Eyes Arch Angel
AWESOME! I love Palomina to pieces now
3/5/2013 c10 Blue Eyes Arch Angel
Yet another two incredible chapters by incredible authors,though Farro stood out most for me here
3/4/2013 c11 6Nrrrd-Grrrl-Meg
Great job, guys! I'm so proud of you all.

Patches and Amber are great characters and I can't wait to hear more about them. Both have ties to victors, which is cool. Both have sad backstories, especially Amber.

Venus is overconfident and trained, which is a nice change for D9. Most D9 girls end up as hippie children and pacifists, so a real warrior from the Grain District is a nice twist. Farro, as the grandson of a Victor was cool as well, especially when describing the arena she was in. Well played.

Poor Jorgie Boy! My heart weeps for him already. He is like the Robin to Palomina's Batman, and a little cripple already. He makes me sad. Palomina is great, a real change from the usual below 14 Reaped kids. While most are either useless (sorry, Jorge) or waaaaay to good to be only 12-14, she seems real. She isn't going to lay down and quit, but she seems to know her limitations. Well done!
3/4/2013 c11 Alpha to Gale Omega to Peeta
I really like pamolina, i hope she makes it far into the games
3/4/2013 c10 Alpha to Gale Omega to Peeta
I liked the way venus sees the beauty of panem instead of the pain and ugliness of it
3/4/2013 c9 Alpha to Gale Omega to Peeta
I love my district partners character, she seems chill
2/26/2013 c8 25Blue Eyes Arch Angel
This was yet another brilliant chapter by two brilliant authors
2/24/2013 c1 2raysviola
Would you like to join my hunger games roll play?

2/24/2013 c8 5Axe Smelling God
I love this chapter and these characters seems very really to me
2/17/2013 c7 Blue Eyes
Loving this chapter as well!
This was a very sad chapter for both of these tributes (though moreso for Abhi) but December somehow seems strong so we'll see
2/17/2013 c6 Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes Arch Angel here!
Both of these reapings were very impressive indeed!
Lucianna-AWESOME NAME (for those who don't know I'm a name fanatic) but her chapter seemed so normal it was perfect,just a poor young girl getting reaped
Elliot-Cool name too,and I love him to pieces,he's such an innocent and poor young thing with a bad family
2/16/2013 c1 Patchwork Doll
This chapter is in violation of Fanfiction Rules and Guidelines.

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- Delete the story entirely.
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Failure to fix this violation will force me to report this story, which may result in the deletion of this story and a permanent/temporary ban of the author's account. I encourage you to contact me via private messaging if you are in need of further information.

-Patchwork Doll of Critics United
2/16/2013 c8 Sgarnett99
review weekend finale

December, I like the name, I like Halley, cool story bro
as you can see I'm getting lazy with my reviews
but like, i like her, the way she watches the games is interesting and it'll give her a bit of an edge. She's cool and could be a real competitor if she's determined enough.

It's interesting, Abhi's predicament. He seems really hated and excluded and I feel for him. Everyone else is really quite mean to him. Victor family, it's interesting, i wonder how it will help him out other than having victory in his blood. I like Abhi, though. He's a cool kid. I feel bad for all these tributes.

Review weekend: Blood Spilt is One More Life Lost Installment is complete! Great job to all of you, can't wait to see D7 and read on.
I loved 'em all but Cillian took my heart.
2/16/2013 c7 Sgarnett99
Review weekend numero cinquo

Lucyyyyy hi there bb.
Interesting, lots of victor siblings in the mix this year, I like Lucy and I think she has a bit of an edge in these games. Her father really is horrible. But s'all good, I like her so (y) go Lucy!

aw, Elliot! Dem feels, oh man! His step-monster *le virtual heart* 'kay so, I actually really like him alot. The way Ella wants to start fresh really is quite beautiful, it's so nice and I really connect with Elliot Thedus. It's cool, I want him to come back now, he's great (y)

good job guise.
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