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for Three Vices

12/5/2013 c1 Audrey C
Wonderful little story. Spot on characterizations. Love the mention of his back injury and how he deals with it. Make it more realistic this way. They are just perfect together! Makes me kind of sad that we won't ever see any more M & M scenes in canon. A continuation would be welcomed!
3/5/2013 c1 61AngelQueen
"What am I going to do with you?" *giggles* I can think of quite a few things, Mary! *bg*

Such a lovely story! Thanks so much for sharing!
12/18/2012 c1 36Pemonynen
Aww this is lovely! Of course he reads in the bath, and of course Mary wants to distract him. And I would not object if you wrote what happened next... ;) Headcanon definitely accepted! :)
12/18/2012 c1 23R. Grace
I think there should be a chapter 2 in which Matthew reads to Mary in the bathtub, combining his three weaknesses. ;) So beautifully done. I'm always happy and honored to help. :D
12/17/2012 c1 Nenski
Loved how in character M/M were! You know both characters very well. Beautifully written! Keep it up!
12/17/2012 c1 bravo
amazing! wish there is more! :)
12/17/2012 c1 luvgoround
I absolutely love this story! You made their personality traits, character traits and Matthew's vices become so real and believable. Thank you for writing this. It has only served to cause us to love him more and Mary.
12/16/2012 c1 21life2ROCK
Mary is very good worrying about Matthew. Loved the Mary and Anna interaction, and that small little comment about Carson that you threw in there. The attention to detail always makes a story better.
12/16/2012 c1 10Lady Etiquette
Loved it when Mary followed his trail of clothes and smelled his afterchave from his shirt...so something women really do! *sighs*And reading in the tub is very cute (and a welcome image of Dan Stevens naked and in the tub reading is a good thing.) Very seductive and sweet story. :) Thanks!
12/16/2012 c1 Gail Mendes
gah! please continue! I loved this.

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