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12/18/2012 c1 M
It's an interesting idea for a story, but there are some points, that nearly made me want to not finish it (but I did):

I don't know if it's because you've only watched the show only for a few month by now, but both, Castle & Beckett seem, at least for me, not in character. I know it's hard, but it's crucial to enjoy fanfiction - FOR ME!

What was throwing me even more off was your overuse of the name "Richard". Yes it's Castle's name, but except from his mother (and maybe Gina) noone is calling him that. It's OK to use it once or twice in a story, but you used it waaaay to often.

Other than that you have a nice writing-style, but I guess your story would have been better, if you'd been more familiar with your characters. If you'll work on that, I guess your next story will be much better, too.

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