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9/23 c2 Guestinator
You know man, despite enjoying the majority of your stories they still bug with how much 'might make rights' and 'I know best, you are an idiot cause I have more power' cliches you constantly do.

As in nearly every single chapter.
9/6 c25 Katescats
Hi I love this story.
8/30 c26 NulledVoid
6/23 c1 fundoogal
did not like it as much as the prequel. got confused midway. too much happening haphazardly. it gave me a headache. still managed to complete it.
6/21 c26 12Village-Mystic
Interesting and complicated - but it does build very nicely on what you established.
6/21 c25 Village-Mystic
I thought it was very interesting that you made Heimdale and Sif Harry's children... biological or otherwise.
6/21 c24 Village-Mystic
Very interesting. Trasks' Cyberman army versus The Doctor. The rules for Doctor Potter also very interesting. Hope growing up out of time - kind of Mary Sue - but lots of power in this story - and she didn't take over the story. She had something important to do, like many of The Doctor's companions. Also living a life.
6/21 c23 Village-Mystic
Great follow-up and follow-through for this chapter.
6/21 c21 Village-Mystic
Interesting plot twists.
6/21 c20 Village-Mystic
Good plot point follow-ups with human moments and interactions.
6/20 c18 Village-Mystic
Ah. And here I thought HG was for Hermione Granger... but perhaps that's what Hermione Granger was for HG - quicksilver - Hermes.
6/20 c16 Village-Mystic
Heavy stuff. Well played out. Thanks for sharing and continuing.
6/20 c9 Village-Mystic
Interesting Thor plot twists here.
6/19 c8 Village-Mystic
Very good stuff overall.
6/19 c7 Village-Mystic
Good plot moments, character moments and follow-up, follow-through.
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