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for A Heart to Call My Own

2/16/2014 c8 Qaths10
I hope to continue with this fic, because the plot is interesting
2/13/2014 c8 6LeFemmeChevalier
Very intriguing. Waiting for another chapter. :)
8/11/2013 c8 Rosetoast
just found this, would love if you would continue!
6/27/2013 c8 4osnapitzbex
Okay so... Wow... At first I kinda gave this story a miss thinking it might be... Not the right Fic for me... but every time I passed over it... The pull of the story got the better of me and so now... Here we stand.

I have to say, yes it's dark, quite dark but... I can sympathise with Tori in this story... Self harming is... I'm just more familiar with it than I would like to be...

This is actually very well written and you've obviously either done your research or had the unfortunate 'run-in' with this type of stuff...

I would definitely like to see here you take this because for all of my previous riffraff about reading this, it turns out to be one if the best and most emotional fics I've read and believe me that number is in the thousands, if not tens of thousands (thanks to multiple accounts)

Really, just really well done with this and keep up with the amazing job you've been doing!

osnapitzbex x
6/3/2013 c8 JoriReader
I'm not disappointed, actually I like it better this way than if they'd went on the typical fluffiness, I don't know, this way the story doesn't feel rushed... Hmmm nothing is as it seems? interesting, very interesting...
6/3/2013 c8 81Quitting Time
Great chapter, they are finally talking and Jade realizes the damage she's caused. Jade still doesn't know about the note's that Tori has received, which I'm certain Jade didn't write. It will be very intersting to discover how she reacts when she finds out.

Can't wait for the next chapter.
6/3/2013 c8 2wikster
Aww Jade... :( So conflicted. At first I was kinda surprised that Tori didn't get angrier, but then you brought up a good point of her not really wanting to draw a lot of attention on herself, but man, I bet it's gonna be hard to trust Jade after this. :/
I really want to know what the hell Tori's hiding though! I'm not good with mysteries and I always get stuff wrong. :( I would be a terrible detective...
Glad you're back! :)
6/2/2013 c8 2chase19
glad to see an update! I hope to see Tori's feelings start to show more _
6/2/2013 c8 90SKRowling
Good addition... Here is to you staying well.
6/2/2013 c8 2alex02
awesome love it
6/2/2013 c8 Guest
Pooh, I just started this today, and I'm really glad I did! Great story, I can't wait for more. Thanks for this!
6/2/2013 c8 TimelessReader
Nice update and very intriguing little insight.
5/1/2013 c7 D3L3T3D ACCOUNT
Please update soon, i can't wait for the next chapter, I need to know what happens. Something must have happened in the past to make Tori react like that, although what Jade did was kind of evil so...
4/21/2013 c7 2wikster
Damn, girl! I was NOT expecting that! Like... at all. O_O
It was Jade! I wanna say it should've been obvious but it wasn't, and it was, and it wasn't and it... Holy crap! Awesome way to trick your audience. It's like in movies when the killer is revealed and you're like, "Of course it's that guy!" But all throughout the movie you had guessed everyone and their mom EXCEPT for him. Haha.
Anywho, that was crazy. Poor Tori. And then the guys. They were so disappointed. Andre and Beck... Gosh, it even made my heart hurt. U_U I wanna be pissed at Jade, 'cause yea, what a bitch. But it goes back to the whole what's beneath the surface thing doesn't it? She has her dark reasons to be like she is.
And I know - I know - there's something more to Tori that made this whole little fiasco just push her over the edge and do what she did. And I'm dying to find out what it is.
Keep up the good work! :D
4/21/2013 c7 S.k
Ugh even worse... It was her.

I love this story.

Feel better. Ear infections are no fun.
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