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for Dishonored: The Story of Corvo Attano

5/17/2016 c1 Guest
This sucks
12/19/2013 c1 Guest
Do please continue
7/28/2013 c13 SuperTechmarine
"And like a dog you chose to fuck any new toy that comes you way. Isn't that right?"

Rather true.

Good story though.
6/11/2013 c17 6MEleeSmasher
Sparing the Twins is much more satisfying. After all, the end up being mute work at a slave camp.
6/6/2013 c18 The Fox Familiar
Reported. Author's notes are not allowed as chapters.

Read the ToS next time.
5/11/2013 c6 13Stuck in Oblvion
Ah, Granny Rags, what a creepy old lady. When I saw her in the game I was really apprehensive, I thought she was going to attack me lol. Glad you made the Outsider talk to Corvo bout her :))
5/11/2013 c5 Stuck in Oblvion
This chapter is great, I really love the lore with the Outsider and the Leviathan! Really cool. Also I liked how you put the bath scene in, a lot of fics portray Corvo as messy, oily and dirty. Because he just goes around without care in the sewers. I pictured him as a more clean person, especially after working with Royalty as the Protector. :) Nice touch!
5/11/2013 c3 Stuck in Oblvion
In this chapter you show a sense of remorse in Corvo which I love, that he is really a protector and not an assassin. When he killed the boy but felt that guilt, it shows he is human, not just someone that can be used. Also how you depict Samuel is great, how he let Corvo fall asleep. In the game, whats the possibility for Corvo to be awake so often. Great chapter!
5/11/2013 c2 Stuck in Oblvion
Great chapter, the relation you are putting between the empress and Corvo seems highly sexual at this point but I can really tell that Corvo loves Emily. That is what is guilting him currently, possibly more than Jessamines death. Corvo knew what he was doing was entirely illegal and if it was his choice most likely would not have gone through with it, Jessamine wanted him, he wanted to please his empress in any way.
5/11/2013 c1 Stuck in Oblvion
I decided to go back and review :))

This chapter is great, at first it was a little tough for me to get into, but I enjoyed how you turned it around emphasizing on how the Outsider it messing with him. Also on how much Jessamines death is ailing him. Because he was not only her Lord Protector but "lover" and father of Emily. Very good!
5/11/2013 c16 Stuck in Oblvion
Hey, I absolutely love your rendition of the plot dishonored, although you are keeping it close to the actual story I love how you give it more meaning. By giving Corvo more emotion, especially about his past with Jessamine and in the prison. Also with the Outsider, toying with his thoughts. I hope you continue with Callista's and their little romance. :) Continue soon !
4/27/2013 c15 4constablemichonne
This is such a good story, the best Dishonored fic in my opinion. I can't wait to read more!
3/26/2013 c1 Hetekos
why does it say complete on the status? this is getting good
3/25/2013 c4 2ZerotheAntiHero
1/2/2013 c7 3rebfan90
Great chapter! Looking forward to future ones!
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