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for Forever Alone Together:

12/26/2014 c14 Guest
The comments you put on that other story was cruel. The writer could have been young and inexperienced and just starting to write fanfiction. You are a horrible person and should write an apology comment for your cruel one. I hope your proud of yourself you sick animal
5/11/2013 c14 5grapejuice101
I like it. More chaps asap plz
5/6/2013 c14 3TetraForce214
Please continue, I absolutely love this story.
4/29/2013 c2 TetraForce214
So fantastic i am rereading it. This is brilliant.
3/24/2013 c13 Guest
I...want...more...this...thing...is...beautifull 3
3/15/2013 c12 5grapejuice101
Love it. More plz
2/20/2013 c10 2ronnieangell
Lyra's hilarious XD
2/19/2013 c1 Bronzelove
Love it please update soooon!
2/19/2013 c10 5grapejuice101
love it. update asap plz
1/29/2013 c8 2Petra Anderson
damn ddad
1/28/2013 c8 5grapejuice101
love it love it love it. update asap plz
1/22/2013 c7 grapejuice101
omg I love thos chap, u have to update asap plz
1/20/2013 c2 4TheNewestCompanion
Pretty Good. Though, you keep switching from past tense, 'The Doctor said.' to present tense, ' "Now!" he yells. So watch that ;)
1/20/2013 c1 TheNewestCompanion
This was good.
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