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2/21/2013 c1 35InsanityRunsInMyBlood
Okay, you've reduced me to a blubbering mess of...whatever I am right now. OZAI I LOVE YOU. FLIP. That would officially make Mako Iroh's uncle? Sorta...ah, whatever. That was brilliant, and in the end I frickin'...I don't even...oh Ozai...you'll finally be reunited with Ursa...*sniffles*. You killed me with the sheer brilliance of this piece. I commend you *bawls*
1/30/2013 c1 24Different Child
BRILLIANT! BRILLIANT! This is also like...damn. DID HE EVER FIND OUT THAT HE WAS THE SON OF FORMER FIRE LORD OZAI!? HOLY SHIT?! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! GAHH! And that makes Mako ...Zuko's nephew? 0,o Even though Zuko doesn't know it. DAMn. This is complicated family stuff. I love you. And I love this. HOLY CRAP!

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