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for 37th Annuel Hunger Games: Dark Fantasies

2/11/2013 c1 ThatRandomGuy
Full Name: Jack Fredrick
Nickname: Jack
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Hair: Pepper Salt, short Average hair.
Eyes: Soft Amber eyes, thick eyebrows, average eyelashes
Face shape: Oval
Build: quite slender
Unusual markings: Broken nose from being bashed by local bullies.
Casual Clothing: baggy cargo pants, gray long sleeved shirt
Overall: Rather sweet, mischevious, slightly practical, curious, and imaginative
Likes: gardening, reading, telling stories to some of Didtrict 12's children.
Dislikes: the people who pick on him.
Hobbies: Same as his likes.
People see him as: The quiet, odd boy.
Character flaws: too quiet, sensitive, and cannot stand up for himself.
Orphan so no parents.
Friends: The young children at the orphanage, and the orphanage's 19 year old cook Fontine was an orphan, and 17 year old Cinderose
History: His father died during the same mine explosion that killed Katniss and Gale's fathers, but neither one paid attention to him. His mother had to steal to survive, but was caught and hung. He had no other real realatives and ended up being an orphan.
Pets: The scrawny old tabby cat he named Red Riding Hood to amuse the younger children.
Fairy tale character based on: Jack from Jack and the beanstalk.
Not a career
Volunteered for little Blossom one of his friends from the orphanage.
Reaping outfit: Grayish slacks, and a nice shirt
Strengths: smart, can out-fox people and quick
Weakness: easy target, sensitive ( that can be used against him), and too trusting.
Weapon: Wits
Strategy: Stay Alive?
Romance: yeah
Why he should win: He wants to be there for the young kids.
Reaction to the Capitol: Amazed by all the sights to see, but scared
Mentor: Gianta Stringell ( actually from district 11, but there weren't any victors from district 12.
Chariot outfit: dresses like a miner.
Training Score:5
Hates Games and Capitol
Interview outfit: A gray shirt with a green tie and Black slacks
Angle: The sweetheart
Quote: Sometimes I wanna just go up to get away from it all.
Token: a small pin with a bean in it.

Full name: Cinderose
Nickname: Cinder
Gender: Female
Hair: long nearly up to her waist, has auburn hair.
Eyes: large, dreamy blueish grayish eyes, long auburn eyelashes, and thin eyebrows
Face shape: upside down teardrop.
Height: 5'9
Build: small
Casual clothing: long dirty skirt, battered old blouse, and an apron
Overall: quiet, dreamy, kind, and romantic
Likes: clean rooms, cleaning, daydreaming, shoes.
Dislikes: mud...
Hobbies: Cleaning, listening to Jack's stories, daydreaming, sketching
Character flaws: doubts herself, too sensetive, can be easily manipulated.
History: She never knew her family, she was found on district 12's orphanage's front steps at age 1. She lived there all her life, and crushed on Jack ever since he came.
Friends: Jack, Blossom, and Apryl a young woman who sells flowers at the hob
2/8/2013 c1 CrazyBookAddict
Here I go!:)
Name:Aniyess Irene Prece
Nickname: Ana
Gender: Female
District: 4
Hair: Long up to elbow, brown-reddish hair
Eyes: Large and hazel, eyelashes are like Peetas only different color.
Face shape: heart
Height: 5'9
Wheight: 99
Build: slender
Overall: Confident, and curious
Likes; singing, getting dolled up etc.
Dislikes: Getting dirty, not having the spotlight.
Hobbies: Knitting, and collecting shells
People see her as chirpy, annoying at times, and very pretty.
Character flaws: Over-confident
Mother: died
Father: 43 Orville, one who tells stories.
Brother: 13- year-old Harol, strong and has his sisters good looks secretly looks up to her.
Other relatives: Twin cousins: Anna-Maie and Froldo. Age: 6, look up to Aniyess.
Friends: many, best friend: Layn Song, 16 black hair and almond eyes.
History:When Aniyess' mother, uncle, and aunt died during the Rebellion, her cousins ended up living with her, she tries to support her family by selling shell necklaces on the seashore.
Pets: Marina, her little white rabbit.
Based on: Alice from Alice in wonderland
Career: Yes
Allies: only one that is not career.
Reaped and she felt like ' WHA-'
Reaping outfit: Pacific Blue Sundress
Strengths: cunning
Weakness: too trusting, easily manipulated, afraid to get dirty.
Weapon: swords
Strategy: kill and run
Romance: yes you pick
Should win because: has little ones to support
Loves Capitol only for style thought
Mentor: Quinnette Hart
Chariot: blue flowing dress with fish Pattern and net over it and sandals.
Training score: 10
Meh about the games, and Capitol okay
Interview outfit: cyanblue spaghetti sleeved dress and matching high heels.
Angle: act natural
Quote: Of course I'm pretty these questions are quite curious!
Token: Small ring with seashell on it.
2/8/2013 c2 Guest
Hello! Um... where do you send the tribute ideas? For now Im posting it here:)!
Tribute Name:Reigna Lee
District: 9
Hair: short up to her chin kind of; fiery red hair
Eyes: narrow-eyes ( not almond-eyed though) bright green eyes, long eyelashes
Face: Oval, btw freckled, with a small nose
Height: 5'3
Weight:95 pounds
Unusual markings:Scar on forearm
Casual clothing: worn-out cargo pants and red hoodie
Likes: Green tea, autumn, color green, and the story of red riding hood
Dislikes: dresses, Ceaser Flickerman, careers, winter
Hobbies: embroidery, sketching, cooking
How others see her: secretive, cold, shy, a loner, pretty good ally
Character flaws: Secretive, and not quite willing to trust.
Mother: Rebbecca, tries to get Reigna to open up.
Father: Dyrik, trains children to survive
Sister(s): Brigetta; loud, considered to be very pretty, eldest 19. Dana; 10, dreamy, wants to be like Brigetta.
Brother(s): Renold ; 12 closest to Reigna.
Other relatives: Aunt Tzitel; 28 quite the matchmaker. Cousin Rosetta; 3.
Uncle Ryck;29 as mayor of district 9... you know he is busy.
Friends: Only one... Gregich Tenyol, fair skin, black hair, and is deaf.
History: um...IDK
Pets: Hero, Husky
Based on: Little Red Riding Hood
Not a .
Reaction when reaped: Shocked...
Reaping outfit; Old red blouse and long gray skirt.
Strength; Good with slingshot ,sneaky, also good hider
Weakness: easy target with her flaming red hair, not fast, too sensetive.
Weapon of choice: slingshot
Strategy: RUB and HIDE!
Allies: none
Romance: no
Why she should win: She has a deaf friend and siblings at home.
Reaction to Capitol: Excited to see all the marvelous things.
Mentor: I have no clue what their names are so; Kingslei Masth winner of th 32nd annual h.g.
Chariot outfit: Silver tunic, gray leggings, high-heeled boots, and hat that produces steam.
Training Score: 9
Feelings: Obviously hates Ganrs for making them fight, doesn't mind visiting the Capitol though.
Intervew outfit: Red sleeveless dress, with bow and poofy skirt. Red ballet flats.
Angle: Tries to act like a smart girl ( is but not the smartest more sneaky)
Quote: I must try to out- fox everyone
Token: A small red pin shaped as a wolf.
That's about it! YAY! I might make another ;)
12/23/2012 c1 3MidnightRaven323
Please Post the tribute list :)

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