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for Liz:The Unknown Savior

5/29/2015 c1 rkoviperx4x
Let me tell you a little about what happened here,I'm totally new to fanfiction and your story here is the first story ever that I read...
And it impressed me so so so much that I just created an account right now just to give a review to u ! :D :)
I wanna talk to you author ! And also tell me about your other works...
Btw..you just rock !
7/22/2013 c1 Guest
6/11/2013 c6 5Gigigue
"Blimey! It's an over-sized sonic screwdriver!" Haha! I loved that. Oh, and I noticed something else which was cool: "...tap the tip onto the top..." Alliteration! And I love Rachel's conversation with Aragorn. So awkward! And then, "Have I ever told you of the time I broke the king's chin?" That would be so funny. And Rachel's an animagus? Sweet... And she gets to be a snow leopard which is pretty cool. I didn't like the swearing though.

Spelling: Fundin, not Hundin; Oakenshield not Oakensheild; nocked not knocked.
6/9/2013 c5 Gigigue
I love how Liz annoys Sam.

Overall, I really like this story! I like how you really define Liz as a prankster/jokester kind of person. However, there are a few plot holes, and some grammar issues. These things could be easily fixed with a good beta-reader. I will definitely continue to follow this story, as I really want to know how this pans out. :)
6/9/2013 c4 Gigigue
"Ohmygosh, are you a ninja?!" Poor Aragorn, to be greeted by that. Best line said to Aragorn ever! Oh poor Liz, forever embarrassed by tripping in front of Legolas. I would die of mortification.

Spelling: Glorfindel, not Glorofindel.
6/9/2013 c3 Gigigue
I started cracking up when I read Liz's first comeback. That's genius! And I also laughed at Liz's last line.

Spelling: King Thranduil, not King Thranduir.
6/9/2013 c2 Gigigue
The chapter was a little short, and there are a couple time skips, but it was a good chapter. I really like the Star Wars reference. :) (Although it is Obi-Wan, not Obi-One. Unless that was intentional. Then you're good.)
6/9/2013 c1 Gigigue
That was pretty good! :) I love the idea of Dumbledore and Gandalf being half-brothers. I also like the idea of having the Grey Havens actually be Earth. Something to muse about when I'm bored... There were three spelling mistakes I noticed (I'm a spelling freak): psychic not physic, vial not vile, and pensieve not pensive.
3/9/2013 c1 Anonymous
Un-introduced OC characters? No thank you!
1/28/2013 c1 RealReview
You know its been a while since I saw such a balant mary-sue self-insert fix in this section that wasn't a troll-fic. If you are a troll you are a very good one, and praise to you for that.

3/10 (Points for not utterly mangled spelling)
1/6/2013 c3 2JumperRedHead
Ha ha ha! !
1/6/2013 c2 JumperRedHead
Funny funny funny
1/6/2013 c3 3GreatIceDragon
Aragorn is MUCH more attractive than Baby face McLongbow, a.k.a Legolas.
1/5/2013 c1 2JumperRedHead
Keep it up. It is great! AWESOME!
12/24/2012 c2 3GreatIceDragon
How stylish!
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