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for Ranma, the Naive Succubus 03: Sea Change

7/12/2014 c7 23Byakugan789
Rofl. Like the imps said, he never did try to dominate the spirits he summoned or find out their true names so his orders could bind them.
7/11/2014 c2 Byakugan789
Considering the filler episode detailing Tofu's curse (because he just disapeared about a quarter way through the manga unresolved) said that is was a family problem that had been around for generations, you could have had Mara explain it like that. One of the Ono clan made a deal with a demon many generations ago for the heart of his lady love. When he didn't pay up he was cursed and as the family continued so did the curse pass on. Kasumi was never cursed directly, it just happens that she's the girl the doc fell for, which is really sorta creepy if he fell for her seven years ago like you wrote, because then she'd have been 11.
7/11/2014 c1 Byakugan789
Well... You COULD just try to teach ranma magic and that would lead to empathy pretty instinctively given his other side as a succubus.
11/8/2013 c10 Blackholelord
Well its nice.
2/19/2013 c10 shugokage
Great story I like the interesting ideas and characters differences!
1/21/2013 c10 James Birdsong
Nice work of course
12/29/2012 c10 Rose1948
Another nice chapter, hon. I'm still giggling. I do have one question, however. How did your spellchecker and/or proofreader miss "berlow" rather than correcting it to "below"? *chuckles*

Take care and thanks for sharing.
12/29/2012 c10 4Kalladin1989
Ah well. Can't wait to see what happens. I'm still curious as to who sperm donner will be.
12/29/2012 c9 6raveman2
Fascinating idea changing Ranma's sir-name very clever.
12/28/2012 c9 Rose1948
Another nice chapter. DAMN I hope Nabiki doesn't take Mara up on her offer. That'd be, at the very least, one surefire way to mess up what she has with Ranma.

Take care, hon.
12/28/2012 c9 Shadowsought
Hmmm. I think I'd almost prefer the Gosunkugi elders were evil. Hidebound thinking is a lot harder to deal with.

Still, it's nice to see things are moving forward. I especially appreciate that Akane is finding her world and worldview expanding. It's not surprising that, given her sisters' talents, Akane should start developing some of her own. After all, until now she just lacked had any great need to do so. And I reserve the right to hope Gosunkugi might actually end up growing up a bit. I'm not betting on it, mind, but I can still hope. Heck, I'm still holding out hope for Tendo Soun!

Which reminds me: do Kasumi and Akane share Nabiki's view of their male parent?

One question that I've been meaning to ask: my very limited understanding of Japanese culture says that Nodoka would have joined clan Saotome when she married Genma, not simply taken the name. I would assume divorce would require her to be returned to the roll of her original clan and they'd have had to agree (still not named if my memory serves). The clan would now have to add Ranma to their rolls as well. In short, is adding Ranma really as easy as all that? Will we be meeting others from her clan? And how do they handle magic and a part time Succubus?

I impatiently await future enlightenment.
12/28/2012 c8 Rose1948
Interesting take on, well, everything. Never had the pleasure of reading Ah!/Oh! My Goddess! or anything. Draco? Well, he reminded me quite unpleasantly of my ex. So... yeah. *nods*

12/28/2012 6:10 PM EST
12/28/2012 c9 Sephirotho
I see...Gosunkugi has to sneak behind his father's back, so he doesn't have access to his familys FULL knowledge. And the knowledge that Nabiki severely outclasses him must REALLY sting.

Love this story! I read it when you first published it (up to the point where Kodachi had her rematch) and loved it instantly. Keep up the good work :)
12/28/2012 c9 4Kalladin1989
It cleared up his idiocy for me. I hope nabs and ranma get married before he impregnates her. When will he finally be able to change gender at will?
12/27/2012 c8 Sephirotho
Gosunkugi has a whole LIBRARY of books to look things up in and he just happens to miss the fact that a summoned being won't obey you just because you managed to summon it? Wow. Or did he know about it and just got cocky and careless after the imps obeyed him (on Mara's orders of course) just like that?

And Mara's offer to Nabiki is most likely flawed. Yes, Nabiki will become a demon after she dies, but if I understand the nature spirit that "rescued" Ranma from Mara right, there's a pact between nature spirits and demons that forbids any kind of interaction. If Nabiki becomes a demon, she won't be able to see Ranma ever again if I'm right. Can you clear that up for me?
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