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for Shadow Hearts III: Introduction To Flirting

10/12/2014 c1 soralover102
I really enjoyed this story! :)
12/28/2012 c1 silvereyes47
hey, is it just me or you're having more and more fans in your fanfics? i'm happy for you :)

this is supposed to be a mature, nearly porn fanfics. ehehehe :} pervert smile... you naughty you hehehe LoL :P

ya know, i'm so innocent that i don't get any idea about girl's underwear. brassie? lingerie? panty? LoL :D

i'm so cool for not having a "weird idea" after read the whole story and you MUST believe me for that... :P

Johny here seems like an innocent grown up teen who is in puberty. considering he's already 16 and he's being an American. it doesn't make sense reading a boy American who's in his teen act so shyly in front of a girl. America is all about sex... yeah babe... it's all about sex LoL :D and for that i'm definitely in!

it seems that i'm writting like an old pervert... but i'm not!

"and i was like baby baby baby oh" LoL :D

i'm thinking if J-Bieber who's around Johny age would act like Johny in your fanfic hahaahaha LoL :D and S-Gomez should takes Shania's role having problem with BRA!

"Justin... could you help me for a sec? i have a problem untying my BRA.

"Wha... HELL YEAH, my Baby!" LoL :D

OK, see around for sometimes later.

Keep up the good work! :)
12/21/2012 c1 HeartlessTitania
Ahahah! This was gold! Johnny's really flustered when it comes to Shania. I like that they were taking things steady in the relationship, like sleeping in the same bed. That was an aw moment.
That line about Shania teasing Johnny because she was flirting with him reminded me of third grade. All the kids did that. I don't get why he wouldn't understand that Shania likes him through the teasing she does, but he does seem like things can go over his head sometimes. -_-

BTW: The ending was hilarious! :D This was a good read.
12/20/2012 c1 2Vocarin
Interesting idea, good premise and phrasing, and the pacing works quite well here. Always fun to be in Johnny's mind, and especially for such a topic like his girlfriend's underwear. So he comes across very consistently and well, and you really seem to have a firm grasp of what makes him tick.

That said, I'm going to play devil's advocate and say that Johnny's starting to come across as a little bit selfish. Shania's stated what her intentions are, that she's taking the relationship pretty seriously, and instead of letting her set the pace or show him what she wants and following through, he's insisting on taking things at his speed, the way he feels comfortable doing it, not because he's afraid of Awaker or how she might see him - those are addressed and answered in the work itself. But rather, I don't know, because he wants to play the part of the gentleman and do things the way they 'should be done', which is an amusing notion considering how unusual their relationship is, how it started, and where they've gone between then and now. So still a good piece of work, but it'd be interesting to see Shania put him on his heels and push him out of his comfort zone, force him to show some initiative and see how he deals with the fact that she might want to do things differently that him. She might start feeling insecure if her boyfriend doesn't start showing his appreciation and admiration for her, after all.

So, again, a very nice piece, and the part on them finally learning to share the bed was rather touching. So hope to see more in the future, and keep up the good work.

All the best, and happy holidays.

12/19/2012 c1 7Frosty Wolf
I liked it, I think it really built on the last two stories in this series. Shania really doesn't have much shame, does she? Very ammusing. Overall, a good story.

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