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1/21/2014 c7 1OBSERVER01
1/21/2014 c7 HolyKnight5
Natsu its deep in tune with its instincts. He, Gajeel and even Laxus, are likely to be feeling right now the Aura that screams "Apex Predator". . .something that surpasses a Dragon, an entity that exists only to Annihilate its adversaries with full prejudice, and no hesitation. Something that their very parents warned them to NOT cross in Gajeel and Natsu's cases. . .

They grasp that Kyuubi won't pull his punches now, won't boast his power, and won't torture or play with those that oppose him. The Kyuubi who are now confronting, its an entity what will use its full power, speed, skill and trickery to Maim and Kill whoever clashes with him at the FIRST Chance, the first opening and the first error.
1/21/2014 c7 Laigro
Very good dude, update soon pls XD
1/21/2014 c7 Mystolon
A chapter that was worth the wait
1/21/2014 c7 8KitsuneDragon
Awesome fights man. Way to go. Grammatical errors here and there, but nothing too serious. Hope you update soon.
1/21/2014 c7 lmc9389
I was hoping for a character death. Anyway well done
1/21/2014 c7 1Impstar
Another update finally, it's been forever. This story is really interesting and I want to know where it's going to go (the Revelation arc will no doubt help).

I look forward to hopefully the next update soon.
1/21/2014 c7 9Dregus
so Naruto is just about ready to unleash a giant can of ass whooping on all of them, and Jiraiya is trying to get there to stop a slaughter. good work man
1/21/2014 c7 14TheMagicManWithThePlan
Finally! took you forever! Do you have a specific pairing in mind? It's been a while...
9/5/2013 c2 Guest
You should put the other naruto character s in there
8/28/2013 c6 Tommy298
man this was so good, I hope you update soon!
8/14/2013 c6 J
How old is Naruto currently? Younger or older then ezra?
8/16/2013 c6 Gonzanime
I love history! This great, is very interesting and gripping ... The fights also are great ... I look forward to many know how the story goes!
8/15/2013 c6 Pain4ever
I look forward for the next update!
8/15/2013 c6 SpeeDemon
Well I have to say that this was a nice chapter to read after coming home from work.
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