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8/15/2013 c6 nightmaster000
Great chapter.
8/15/2013 c6 9Dregus
so the fire lullaby has been defeated. now that just leaves the other ones, and naruto.
8/15/2013 c6 15alchemists19
Can't wait for more
8/15/2013 c6 Lednacek
oh come on. lullabies tell all naruto's secrets to the fairy tail mages and gets all emotional to save naruto from himself. that is not really what i am looking for. i hope you wont end up with naruto getting defeated by erza with a hug and him becoming ft member. that would be the worst you could get. you had such a nice start for a dark naruto story.
8/15/2013 c6 8KitsuneDragon
Interesting. I wonder what happened to Erza that she needs saving.
8/14/2013 c6 starvires
can't wait to see what is next.
8/14/2013 c6 1Impstar
I wonder what Lullaby was trying to say at the end? Save who? Erza? That would seem somewhat contradictory to its mission. Unless it though that killing Erza would hurt Naruto in the long run? Gah! Please update again soon.
8/14/2013 c6 7The DarkEnd Dragon
So far an amazing and unique Fanficiton, in this chapter the Earth Lullaby says for Natsu to 'Save Her' and since Kyuubi feels what the Lullaby is feeling i bet deep down he wants to say he doesn't want to hurt her does he?
Am I close?

Your Friend and Fan
Darkend Dragon
8/14/2013 c6 1OBSERVER01
very interesting chapter
7/10/2013 c3 juvenual
I thought that this story would be Ezra x Naruto it seemed good, but with Mira it's ok, you could go either way, just not both maybe...but I love the story. Actions nice, settling in this worl the characters quite nicely I want to know what's next but if its making sense or not. Forgiveness ,revenge, justice,& betrayal play into here good
7/7/2013 c5 Kroz Phantomville
Good story. Please don't introduce too many Naruto characters.
7/5/2013 c5 entityoffire
Damnit. By the power of all thats good i command you to write more. D
6/14/2013 c5 Kage
Please update already it has been sooooo loooooong
5/28/2013 c5 Guest
You are telling me that Gray of all people can stand against Kyubi ? I know the power level meter is hazardous in the manga, but still, Gray ? Standing against Kyuubi ? The Kyuubi we see in the previous chapter of this fic ?
5/29/2013 c5 lmc9389
Good story can't wait for more, seems like there should also be a erza paring with how things are playing out. I kinda hope fairy tail loses somewhat I don't think good guys always win, that's just me. Anyway well done hope you continue soon
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