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10/12 c33 Guest
No I don’t like that pairing which is probably why nobody does it.
10/12 c33 Guest
Okay seeing Karasuba act like this is just weird?
10/12 c33 1DanDrake
Another good chapter! And I hope things work out for Shigi and Kuno. I know they way he said it sounded bad but I don't think he's a bad ashikabi. He really does care about Kuno and let's be honest...was he wrong? I like Kuno but she isn't a combat type and the odds of her winning without being part of a larger flock are slim.

Yes he could have worded it better but seeing it from Shigis perspective minato is kind of coming across as being a bit on a high horse. If it was me and I only had 1 non-combative sekirei I wouldn't want to battle either. From his perspective it would feel like the equivalent of taking a kid who only has a month of boxing classes and telling them "Now go fight Muhammad Ali" the thought would be terrifying

I'm starting to ramble a bit basically he said that could be considered bad but only because he cares about her and is afraid of losing Kuno.
10/11 c33 48Kerlongsj Evert Orlejov
Well, this was a nice surprise on my evening. Glad to see this updated so soon. Congrats on the 200K views.

I wasn’t expecting the whole thing of Yume and Karasuba but who is complaining? About your question. I have done so with the two of them. It was fun. After that, we got Uzume and Chiho talking. I think that they can be a real help to take down Minaka. I am kinda of hoping that we get to see Uzume banging Minato again, very soon.

Besides that, it was up to him to set Shigi straight but you can’t deny that the man is spitting facts. He got on Sekirei and many other Ashikabi are in the same boat.
10/11 c33 2Mike Kromer
Must have more asap. love it so far keep it up. can't wait to see what happens next. he definitely fucked up with his sekirei indeed. Wonder if chio's little family will get together for some more orgy fun with minato lol.
10/11 c33 Jakeros
Honestly? I'm surprised Karasuba didn't just straight out admit she had seriously repressed feelings for Yume during the series. Even at the end, nothing. So if there is something between her and Yume in this, I won't say nothing bout it. Let's see where it goes. Who knows - maybe Karasuba will chill the fuck out after getting laid. *shrugs*
As for Shigi...god, if there was one Ashikabi I detested more than Higa, it was him. Seriously this guy acts like he wants nothing more than to run away with his sekirei because he loves her, yet is constantly putting her down. I felt so bad for her. Hopefully that little prick will wizen up and treat his girl right now that he might just lose her.
But for the love of all that is holy, don't let Kuno get killed. My feels won't be able to take that on top of Uzume and Minato coming to odds.

Till then,

Write on!
10/11 c33 6Terrence Noran
What Karasuba just did isn't really that far off from what she might have done if their relationship in the series were taken to the next level.

Like during the final arc in the manga, she broke down and became nigh-on suicidal after Musubi confirmed that Yume was gone. It's even possible that if Karasuba found that news on her own before Musubi, she would have readily killed herself or force Musubi to kill her.
10/11 c33 mikatohimemiya
Good afternoon. Thank you for the new chapter.

I have a request for you, and it is not connected with the Sekira.

Back in 1985, the anime Ninja Senshi Tobikage was released (I personally watched it in the 90s). I really liked the anime itself. Fur, fights, and most importantly a love triangle. And the culprits of this event are Joe May, Rennie Ai and Romina Radoria. The anime consists of 43 episodes (the last two are just a retelling of the past events of the title). And what saddened me most was that the ending remained open. And I really wanted Joe to choose both girls at once. Personally, I liked Romina better.

Therefore, I really ask you to write a sequel in fanfic format about the sequel to Ninja Senshi Tobikage. Where, having already arrived on the planet Radoria (Romina's homeland), gkroi will face a new threat and only Joe, controlling the robot Tobikage, will be able to free the planet from tyranny. Plus there will be a wedding at the end where Joe marries Rennie and Romina (adult scenes are also welcome).

35 years have passed since the release date of this anime. Please write a full sequel. I believe in you.

Never say goodbye!
10/11 c33 5nothost
What stands out to me the most is Minato getting more confident in a believable manner, and not being occupied. The one at the beginning of the story wouldn't have punched Shigi and berated him for not believing in his Sekirei. I do like that progression of his character.

Minato and Uzumi is as cute and interesting as always, and as for Karasuba and Yumi, if it makes sense in your story, then go for it. But don't force it either: they are natural enemies in the series.
10/11 c33 2Elysian empire
Im ip for some Yume x Karasuba. Be a bit nice for her to have something other than a one track mind for fighting. Plus the hijinks are too good to pass up.
10/11 c33 DJman248
A short chapter, but you're right, its length works pretty well as a set up for things to come later.

Yume and Karasuba? Nah. I know that sexual tension can be read between them, but there's also a ton of bad blood, twisted feelings and severely different ideologies at play there as well. I don't see it going anywhere nice in a plausible matter, to be honest. Nevermind that going down this path feels like you'd be sacrificing Natsuo for the sake of shipping and spicy lemons. So...yeah, I'm voting no on it.

To Shigi I say: OOF, you done f*ckin goof, buddy. I get that he's desperate to keep Kuno safe, but he basically went the exact wrong way about it. Despite that, I DO hope that he and Kuno stay together and resolve this. I mean, c'mon, if Minato managed to overcome his complicated, laundry list of issues despite his sizable emotional baggage and hangups and managed grow closer then ever with his Sekirei (while also having a sweet open relationship with an outside Sekirei, might I add),then surely Shigi, who has waaaaay less complications and baggage in the way while having Minato and his flock as support to help him get over himself, can more than figure himself out and work things out with his one and only precious Sekirei.

...and yes, I'm basically saying I don't like the idea of Kuno going to Chiho through her broken as hell cursebreaker ability. Abused, neglected and weaponized Sekirei and those winged against their will being saved? Perfectly understandable and justifiable, even if the consequences to the Ashikabi are a tad extreme...but it happening to Ashikabi-Sekirei pair because of TREATABLE relationship problems that could happen to ANYONE in an extreme life or death situation like this? big no for me, especially since it basically means that Shigi's health is forfeit over it despite him doing waaaay less then some of the jackass Ashikabi. It...would just feel pointlessly cynical.

Honestly guess I just don't like how it feels as if the cursebreaker ability just...looms over any Ashikabi-sekirei bond that isn't in completely in harmony. I feel like it has great potential to tip the scales considering how many Ashikabis treat their Sekirei like tools or worse, but when it pops up in cases like with Shigi and Kuno? It just feels like an overbearing omen hanging over the story when it comes up. That last bit in the chapter feels that way in particular to me, and Minato just...casually putting the warning out there over Shigi for making a relationship mistake (a bad one, but not nearly as bad as many many others) out of sheer desperation ( this should ALSO be taken into consideration, I think) feels...uncalled for, especially since he knows VERY well what it does to Ashikabis who get their Sekirei ripped away from them.

Sekirei profess faith in the power of love, constantly (some more than others, of course)...and I think Shigi and Kuno are in prime position to show that not all in a relationship's course has to go perfectly for it to still come through beautifully. At least...I hope that's the case here.

Anyway, this are just my thoughts on the matter, since I know it's ultimately up to the writer on what goes and what doesn't, regardless of my or others' feeling on the matter. I still like your writing and I am looking forward to how the plot threads laid down in this chapter unravel moving forward.

Until next time!
10/7 c32 1x102reddragon
I’m all for Miya being winged. She would add a interesting element
9/16 c32 48Kerlongsj Evert Orlejov
Well, this was an interesting chapter. Especially with how things happened between Homura and the rest of the Ashikabi. So far, things haven’t worked out but Matsu figured out what went on with the ones who played against them. Good thing for Homura that he hasn’t been winged yet. Plus, Akitsu is also feeling the pull of Chiho around. So that is going to be working against them.

Plus, we have Miya feeling a pull towards Minato. We had our talk about the stuff before so no need to retread ground there. With the idea of her being winged by Minato. Not the first time that happened but the question will be what happens. Not only with Takehito if he comes back but also if Karasuba finds out that Miya has emerged, she’ll be demanding a fight.

And that might work very against them. It is just wondering where things go from there.
9/9 c1 Drcaus
Hey there idea crossover for you
Queen Blades/Akame ga kill
9/5 c32 Aesir19
I don't really feel I can understand how someone like Miya may feel after loosing someone she loved greatly. However I do feel she deserves happiness again and don't think Takehito would want her to be lonely and shut off as she mourns him.

I would like to see Miya join with Minato as his sekirei wife. Miya may be able to resist the call to be winged by Minato, but she said its getting stronger and her core is telling her that Minato is her destined husband.
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