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for A Veil of Passion

9/14 c24 King Smork
Just found this story and read it all cant wait for more :D
7/26 c24 DJman248
Considering howard Canon Chiho Harley has anthony going...yeah, her 'spreading her wings" now that she can makes sense! No prob as long as she's still a good person in the end.
7/21 c24 KMF-G
Seriously? Minato touch Matsu boob and faints? Wtf.
Taking by your worldbuilding he banged 2 Sekirei and female Ashikabi already, one of them multiple times. And now he fainted... WTF.
7/21 c22 KMF-G
Beni reacting to Chiho? LOL
She is fan of dickus.
Seriously, Minato with so many Sekirei and Beni react to Chiho, with one Sekirei? ROFL
7/21 c24 Guest
It is nice to see Chiho develop beyond the sickly girl with a huge heart. We have seen her have a gutter mouth,be almost as perverted as Matsu,and willing to stand up to people including her dear sweet Uzume.

It is nice to see Matsu get some screen time. In the world of Seikirei she kind of got the short end of the stick. Now,she got Minato's stick and is drunk on desire.

As for Chiho,her new ability would be a blessing for Yashima. But,don't let her loose on Shinto Teito. Uzume and Chiho will have to re-examine their relationship and see where it leads. Maybe she could re-mark Blue and Black and be the new Discipline Squad.

As for Higa,he needed to die. But Chiho will have to learn of Uzume's misdeeds from Uzume herself. Even if she was forced,that stuff darkens the soul.

As for Minato's other girls,let them have a night with him. Maybe save No. 9 for last. As for Musubi,she may need some "sisterly" advice from Matsu. And Ku could go to an amusement park as her treat. Ku has been sheltered and needs to see the world beyond Maison Izumo.

Maybe have Miya have a nice heart to heart with Minato. He has gotten to pop several cherries and could use advice on how to be a better Ashikabi and man.

Please continue with Veil.
7/21 c24 39Kerlongsj Evert Orlejov
This was one start if you don’t mind me saying. It’s clear that Beni has some story with Chiho now and I can see why Uzume doesn’t like that. At all.

But hey, there is one story although it’s clear that they did some really shady stuff on the regards of Chiho to survive. It makes you wonder what they all can do but hey, that is one rift between them all. A bit too much melodrama to my liking but that might just be me.

That’s just one thing. As for Matsu and the out, that’s just one thing to me. Never been to one so I can’t say that. But hey, that was just a suggestion, glad you took it like that. It worked out a good bit.

And games are a running theme. It looks like Haihane is happy with how things turned out with Chiho and well, Chiho is taking one role. But Uzume has to remain fair in how things have been going. As for the lemon, it looks like you had one nice job planned here. The lemon was fun to read through with Matsu and well, there’s not much more to add to that.

With the stuff of Matsu, good thing that I read it over. Weird how many years can go between. Nice job you had here.
7/20 c24 2Elysian empire
Well this is going to be interesting. Great chapter and keep up the work. and congrates for 8 years of hard work.
7/20 c24 Guest
That was a bit too much trope. After having had sex, fainting/panicking like that seems rather unlikely.
Also, some random present tense snuck in during the Matsu parts. :P
7/20 c24 1Bearmauls
Uzume is displaying a LOT of independence from Chiho here, to the point of disregarding Chiho as a person. I wasn't sure Sekirei could do that when their bond is strong.

I think the story is suffering a bit from having the two protagonists be separated, so it feels like there are two stories going on, but going more slowly. I'd recommend finding more ways to have Chiho and Minato in action together, so they get simultaneous character and plot development.
7/19 c24 3SetsunaRay
So, Minato go out on a date with Matsu, huh? That's sure interesting.

Ah, don't feel too bad, Minato, you're only human. But, you did okay. Matsu did an excellent job of dancing. I'm quite pleased. As long as you and Matsu happy, then I'm happy too. Looks like Matsu finally got her experiment done.

Well done on this chapter.
7/19 c24 2Mike Kromer
Must have more asap. love it so far, keep it up. Can't wait to see what happens next. You would think minato would be used to his girls always round him in skimpy/no clothing lol. And you know his girls all want him to impregnate them badly/dream lol. Wonder how uzume feels with all this lol. You know she wants more minato time lol.
7/19 c24 Ariadne Venegas
I love the experiment partand that at last Matsu will be happy she deserves to be happy!

About new Chiho, well she had an awful life it’s normal she wants everything! But Idk if Uzume is ok with that maybe they are not that suited after all, Uzume is very jealous and Chiho clearly isn’t sje is more for liberty. So that would be very difficult
7/19 c24 Guest
Okay the stuff that they did to Chiho sounds really creepy what with replacing half her organs it sounds like the plot of a horror movie.
7/19 c24 Guest
I know that there are health benefits to marajauna but smoking it just for fun is a terrible idea and after what happened to Benitsubasa proves my point. And I'm pretty sure that a bong is worse because even more smoke ends up inside your body.
7/19 c24 3Zeckromizder
Is it weird that I want another Minato and Chiho sex scene? With their Sekireis obviously...
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