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2/10/2023 c7 Rocky
3/16/2021 c23 1giorgiaofthewild
tara’s behavior is truly a mistery to me
5/15/2020 c21 12Mimi Lind
This is brilliantly written. The fright, desperation, feelings of sickness in Tara, and Ushatar’s desire, confusionyou picture it perfectly.

I too write a story where a free uruk-hai feature, and I mostly checked yours out to make sure mine is not too like (it isn’t, thankfully) but now I’m all caught up and have to read it through!
10/12/2019 c55 DragonDawn84
Awesome story!
4/20/2019 c55 Guest
Really loved this story. You captured the emotions of characters in a very authentic manner! So excited to read the sequel!
10/2/2018 c55 18The Lauderdale
And if you should ever want to add more with Simeon, and/or his brother, whether here at the end, or in "A Kingdom of Ice and Blood" (I know Simeon shows up at the beginning) or in "Halla's Choice" - you know, I am very fond of them. More of them would not go amiss. They're not gay or sexy, but they are the closest thing to Edwyn's role - the kindness and thoughtfulness of Men, versus Men's intolerance and cruelty. Plus they are interesting in their own right, and generally characters deserving of further appearance in your Orkish universe.

On a more humorous and "just kidding" note, I hope Simeon gets some therapy after being around two days of Tara and Ushatar screwing each other blind. ;)
10/2/2018 c54 The Lauderdale
I know your attentions are on the sequel to this story, that "Prisoners of Isengard" is long finished, but if you should ever take it into your mind to pick up this story again:

I feel like something is missing at either the beginning of this scene or the end of Chapter 53. It's either the interior monologue that brings him to this point (perhaps over the course of the patrol he was just on? deliberately working himself into a frenzy as he is coming up the stairs) or the chance commentary or questioning of one of his underlings, but just...whatever it is, some prefatory material to the moment when Darian completely loses his mind. He comes through the door at the beginning of this chapter like a maniac popping out of the closet: KNIFE TO THE SHOULDER, RAPE TO THE TARA! While we *have* seen signs of his discipline slipping before...well, he's just been sneakier before now, is all, and as it stands, this feels too sudden. Somehow, it seems like there has to be some trigger or the catalyst for this attack, or some slower beginning to his attempt to finally rape Tara for one and for all that gets out of control.
10/2/2018 c53 The Lauderdale
The opening scene confused me as I read it, re: the "beast" which turns out to be Cormick's store of gunpowder, and I almost wonder if having Ushatar question it a little more (for example, "Ushatar looked for signs of the beast that Cormick spoke of" rather than "Ushatar looked for signs that the beast was waking") would help by cuing us up a little earlier.

I wouldn't be so confident if I was Cormick. There are still Wizards in Middle-earth and will be for at least a few more years.
10/2/2018 c52 The Lauderdale
Ran a search for "Ushatar" "wind" "Tara" and found Chapter 4. And if that's the place, yes. No wonder he was ashamed.

Our introduction to Cormick, brassy upstart of "Halla's Choice!"
10/2/2018 c51 The Lauderdale
["The wind was the first thing he truly remembered noticing, he'd told her, when he thought the moment occurred that he began to wake up at seven months old, and realize that he had a mind of his own. But when Tara pressed for further explanation, he wouldn't reveal the moment to her. And his eyes were hard with refusal; he'd looked away, shame touching his face."] Is this a moment we've seen, that I've forgotten?

[[S]he had the same grim steely fire in her eyes that Simeon knew so well in his own ferocious kin.] What ferocious kin are these?

Incidentally, I'm remembering how much I liked both Simeon and Percival. Simeon in particular shows his kindness in this chapter, and grace in his questioning of Tara. He also shows his acuity - the swift apprehension of what Ushatar is capable of doing on Tara's behalf - and the measure of his loyalties. He's not going to forget the safety of his fellow soldiers to help Tara escape or reunite with her paramour, but nonetheless he will do his best to do his best by her.
10/2/2018 c47 The Lauderdale
By the way, forgive me if I ask anything that I have asked before and that you have already answered. It's already happened to me a few times while rereading: that I have wondered something, seen that I already asked about it in review, and been able to go back and see how you answered at the time.

Did I ever comment on Shari? Horny, annoying, rather ineffectual (as we see in this chapter) Shari? I think she may have been a bit of a schemer too in the original version of the ending; can't remember if she is in this version or if my memory is maligning her. Future chapters will probably reveal the answer.
10/2/2018 c46 The Lauderdale
As you know, I've been rereading this story - put it down a while ago and now am picking it up so I can read the last chapters again and then go on to the sequel. I had a few questions over these last chapters, but one of them has just been answered: I see that Elledan is in fact Elladan of the infamous Elladan and Elrohir.

In chapter 41, Ushatar raises a point to Salcaaf about the special dangers of Men: ["Well, you see what they did to Faalca. Forgive me, but they didn't rape her, as we would have done to their females. They didn't *want* to rape her."] No one seems to dispute Ushatar's point, so it left me wondering a little. I really haven't had a rapey vibe off of the Free Orcs, partly because we don't see them doing it but also because the Orcs Tara has talked to always seemed almost baffled by it - but those were lady-Orcs and maybe they just don't know what the male Orcs get up to outside of the caverns. But we've seen them raiding, and they don't -

Actually, going back to 35, I see Saalcaf specifically speaking against it - ["[N]o fucking on the raid, Brother"] - so maybe I just have the whole thing a bit muddled in my head. Maybe it was a past practice they have consciously dropped, maybe it never was and it was just Saalcaf speaking to Ushatar as a former outsider, knowing that was part of his past. Maybe when Ushatar says "as we would have done" he means "we" in a very general way. Anyway. Rocks in my head. ;)

In Chapter 42, when Ushatar explains about Morulur, Aarth-Anghum says "Those who dwelled here before spoke to wargs..." For some reason I thought that the Free Orcs have lived here continuously, but I'm wondering if I skimmed over or have forgotten something explaining that they came here later. Or have they lived here in continuing generations, and somewhere along the way communication just stopped happening between them and the Wargs?
9/21/2018 c55 firerosedreamer67
A story of love and seeing the other side of the coin! You gave dignity to the Orcs who have aways been portrayed as evil and I'm sure a lot were! By our standards !...But to see them as loving and family orientated was refestering as stories go!...
3/27/2018 c11 Guest
This is really fucked up. Like really fucked up.
2/17/2018 c1 1ararsh
I thought Halla's Choice we're a hell of a story but this is absolutely stunning! Good work! You're writing style is awesome and I read this piece on one day bathing in emotions.
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