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12/2/2020 c1 Guest
Please update it this is second time I am reading it please update it fast I want to know what will heppen next
10/29/2020 c1 Guest
It was an awesome story could you please update it fast I am waiting for its next chapters please update it
12/22/2012 c1 21SoTiredBlah
How delightful, one of the best oneshots I've read in a while...
Certainly serves as inspiration while I begin another series involving Takeru and Mako.

Hope to see more!
12/21/2012 c1 1Optima99
Wow, what a nice love story between Takeru and Mako. The comfort, the ease between is well described as they seem to connect easily as the story indicates. I like the chemistry between them and I would have imagined Kotoha's expression once she realized what was going on. Great work! Hope to read another story like this!
12/20/2012 c1 TakeruxMako
Why are you so GOOD at making stories like this! Once I saw that there was another Takeru and Mako story made by you, I screamed. (I'm not kidding, my sister thought there was a
Murder in my room.)
I love all your stories and how you get the character's personalities exactly to the point where it looks like this was a short story made by the original creators!
Keep up the great work!
-TxM (not a real account.)
12/20/2012 c1 FireHeaven27

I soo wanted to be Mako and Find a Guy in that way , omg the entire ideas and story had me smiling and laughing, and grinning,

:D i loved the fact he forgot his phone and went back for it so Mako didnt see him till last, Kotoha's reaction at finding out Mako found a guy haha

SENT THESE IDEAS TO TOEI .. omg we did the cast back to act your stories out, Serously

I WAS LIKE THATS TAKERU THATS TAKERU , i loved how Friendly He was and how you put the Eye Reading in , this was amazing and great Christmas Present

MERRY CHRISTMAS :D I loved this ,

best last line, to end it like that was AWESOME !
12/20/2012 c1 LittleGooseGirl
Oh, adorable! You write Takeru and Mako stories in the loveliest, simplest way - not overdone, just perfect. Can't wait to read more of your work!

Is there going to be more or is this a one-shot? Keep up the great writing! :-D
12/20/2012 c1 yoeda
What a lovely story! Love it so much. Nice work ;)
12/19/2012 c1 shinken-princess29
Awesome idea for a story,it really got me it sort of reminds me of a hindi movie anyway excellent way to start it off , I look forward to more chapters

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