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for Fake Mistletoe

5/22/2020 c1 Siren8484
So cute. I loved it!
8/7/2018 c1 Guest
So cute, oh i love it from start to end
8/11/2014 c1 4AquaJasmine23
love this, dearie!
7/17/2014 c1 jewel415
Very well done and lovely, just lovely! : )
10/21/2013 c1 Guest
haha, "that's a rose." that was so cute! a great one-shot, I love it.

was looking for a good RumBelle after finding out my favorite writer of the pairing, Bad Faery, has disappeared and taken all her wonderful stories with her. :( as sad as I am to lose her work, finding this really cheered me up. thank you!
12/21/2012 c1 12Cu Chulainn 1945
I just felt like I should tell you, I have officially done a one-man show acting out this story for my friend before making her read it. I looked like an idiot, but the results were good :)
12/20/2012 c1 Drac1026
This is so funny and cute!
12/20/2012 c1 Annie
It's so cute and heart warming. Merry Xmas ;)
12/20/2012 c1 32lily moonlight
Good afternoon! It's nice to see this posted :D Thank you for your kind note! Even though I don't know the show or characters, I enjoyed reading this very much - it contains cake, how could I not like it? :D Although it does make me want to eat some cake, and I have to wait a couple of weeks... I like these characters a lot and it's nice to read about this situation and how they are able to tease each other with such kindness. It shows how caring they are of each other, and also that they are comfortable with each other to be able to do that. I also like your description of how Belle makes herself at home in Gold's kitchen so quickly and is not afraid of him, even though he tries his best to be cranky. His heart really isn't in it :)

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