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for A Christmas for Yoite

11/17/2014 c2 1I-Love-Trunks1
Aw, that was so sweet. I'm really glad Yoite got to see his other family who care about him. It was really nice of Miharu to ring up his younger brother and surprise Yoite like that.

I loved this story so much!
12/24/2012 c2 Pets Heart
Soooo sweet and cute.
I like the angst, I admit, but only when there is a happy ending. And even more I love the stories so sweet and hot, I am really happy to read it.
And if these are hot for the character I love is perfect, sure.
Yoite is really a vulnerable person who, when he allows himself to accept it, he behaves with extreme gratitude in front of a kindness.
12/24/2012 c2 UniqueQueen
Wonderful .. I Love it _
12/20/2012 c1 Pets Heart
I expect much to read this fiction, I did not think this would even have been more than one chapter *_*
For me the version "Yoite was close to death but in the end he is saved" is the only one, I'm starting to ignore the manga.
I also got to see him enroll in the same school as Miharu. Although he never attended, even as a child, he is still very intelligent so he should have no problems.
His meeting with Tsukasa inspires me a lot, but now I'm even more curious for grandparents **
Amazing story

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