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for One Eyed Dragon vs Fenrir and a Demon

11/24/2013 c12 12Avatar.NIX
Whoa! You uploaded so many chapters! It really caught me off guard... But I'm glad to see that you haven't abandoned this story. :) If I'm to be honest, the story seems kind of... disorganized? Hm... It's hard for me to explain, but that's the sort of feeling I get from it. Regardless, I think that's okay because there are so many original twists on how the SB-world works that the lack of structure can be ignored anyway. That aside, I like how Masamune and Neale split up instead of traveling together automatically; with this comes the opportunity for you to develop your OCs' characters even further while progressing the plot (which, from what I've gathered, has to do with how they came to the Land of the Rising Sun). All in all, not bad and my curiosity is still stirred so I hope to see what comes next. Until then! :D

P.S. The character descriptions that you added after this chapter may be better served merged with the first chapter to give the readers a way to visualize Neale and Dayen throughout the story up to this point and beyond. Of course, this is up to you, so... Yeah. xP
11/3/2013 c3 1Frost D. Zen
update soon please. :)
10/16/2013 c3 Whistle
Damn good story please continue with it
4/3/2013 c3 12Avatar.NIX
Well now, this is interesting. Crimson seems to have prophetic abilities! Or something akin to it anyway. x3 This seems interesting so far so I'll be keeping an eye out for any new chapters. Good luck in writing and until another time then! :D
1/30/2013 c2 1TerraNdoge
Hey, it's actually quite interesting. The action is pretty cool, and I like the name Kimhae XD Not bad. Only thing is one detail, like I didn't know whether Discord and Ballad were the horses, but it's a minor thing. But I love all the names you created, really nice. I'm actually looking forward for more :D

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