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for Racing the Daylight

2/19 c2 Talon5Krrde
This sounds like an interesting story! More please!
6/22/2020 c2 DONNY R
4/16/2020 c1 1YeTianshi
You abuse the italics a bit much, I'm all for using it every once in a while to give more attention to a specific word, but using it too much just makes it less effective I think.
9/16/2019 c2 Bad Wolf
This story was started in 2012 and not updated for 3 years, and even then with only 1 additional chapter. It's been over 4.5 years since then... please return to finish this story. It's pretty awesome so far. The only change I would recommend is not repeating the challenge info every chapter.
6/8/2019 c2 1Blabacon
Could you continue this?
4/17/2019 c2 StrongGuy159
Cool 2 chapters continue please.
2/9/2019 c1 N. A. Wennerholm
Carol should actually Do just that Post all the pictures and video to the Internet along with reporting them to the police. Along with giving all the Parents along talking to about the behavior plus the Dursleys most of all need to be dealt with plus if necessary to get the point across Let Carol administer to the Dursleys everything they did to Harry. Plus the entire neighborhood needs to be disciplined and if necessary financially fined to get the point across. Plus the Dursleys need to be told that lies and slander will get them into trouble plus the neighborhood needs to be told to use their brain and not believe everything they are told. In fact, spell needs to be put on the Dursleys so they can never lie again and can only tell the truth along with force them to see what they have been doing wrong all these years. Such as their abuse and neglect of Harry. In fact, The Wizarding World is just as bad the majority of people in Little Whinging Surrey. Brainless idiots with no critical thinking skills and believing everything they are told and no real ability to tell the difference between truth from lies. ASSHOLES all of them!
4/23/2018 c2 Jostanos
Sakura... it would be nice if you would continue this story. Please?
I am available as a sounding board, should you require one that is. :)
5/3/2017 c2 5Chaks
Great chapter.
4/4/2017 c2 MMax
Will there be an eventual chapter 3? But I hope that there is not a bigtime Ginny Weasley bashing due to her stressful time in the Chambers of Secrets/ but perhaps she can focus on someone else eventually? Neville? or Dean? etc
8/3/2016 c2 Guest
Please update more!
1/18/2016 c2 Swordhunter89
Hope you continue this story
9/6/2015 c2 Guest
very nice
8/27/2015 c1 Guest
That was really sweet and cute of how Carol and Harry became friends. :)
8/20/2015 c2 zander2212
Epic please update soon
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