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for Embracing your Inner Demon

8h c15 blacklightning18
angery tsunade should told sakura that she's no longer her apprentice with her rude attitude, naruto should say after all the abuse he recived from sakura, it was kind of nice seeing her on other end
11h c12 blacklightning18
Ririko give me pedophilia vibes because she's adult woman who had lust eyes for 15 year old teenage boy
13h c10 blacklightning18
I think Naruto friends and Kuyou will be scared if they saw naruto four tails mode of kurama chakra, please make Tsukune a shinobi and apprentice of naruto will be refresh to see, naruto use kawarimi no jutsu to switch pleaces with Ura
17h c9 blacklightning18
naruto defeat keito by use fire release to burn her spider webs also naruto has experience of fighting snake users
19h c8 blacklightning18
naruto could break handcuffs by use senjutsu or wind chakra, look likes ishigami earn Deidara wrath for insult art
20h c7 blacklightning18
naruto become nii-san to Yukari, Naruto and Ura argue like old married couple
8/10 c6 blacklightning18
gin perverted nature remind naruto of jiraiya, Ura lick blood off naruto cut cheek remind naruto of anko
8/10 c5 blacklightning18
naruto has unsealed bowls of ramen from storage seals tattoos on his wrists to give ura chan ramen
8/10 c2 blacklightning18
naruto should have neji with him and told neji to use byakugan to see energy in people bodies, the reason why naruto can't sense chakra from tsukune because it locked in him, i want naruto to unlock tsukune chakra network and train him to able defend himself from yokai monsters, naruto had image of chibi ura, whose hair was floating in the air and her eyes were glowing red as demonic aura surrounded her remind me kushina as child
8/10 c1 blacklightning18
naruto hate konoha people should be realistic
6/9 c1 rosaurocunanan16
Good chap.
5/31 c18 Guest
It’s totally a temporary hiatus, they last 8 years obliviously
5/18 c18 jackyfloresq2001
can't wait for the next chapter
4/1 c3 Guest
3/22 c9 Ogay the SIMPson
With how weak Naruto is in this chapter he could get absolutely ganked by any Akatsuki member cause sheesh! I get that balancing the power levels of characters and keeping a story interesting is hard, and I get that he is no longer in service but he still has an organization of ten people who are all S rank after his lazy ass.
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