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for Embracing your Inner Demon

3/11/2014 c18 Undeadgamerfromhell
Dude ik its not my place to judge but please fish this story I'm wanting to know how it ends so hurry and update it been little over a year since the last update
3/6/2014 c18 Evilcuttlefish
lol please update soon, it's starting to get really good.
2/27/2014 c2 polarpwnage
Damn I expected canon Moka so that Naruto would NTR her from Tsukune
2/24/2014 c18 Guest
Please don't stop on this fanfic man we love it
2/24/2014 c5 Guest
Story makes my day
2/24/2014 c4 Guest
Love this story!
2/24/2014 c3 Guest
Please keep writing man! And thanks
2/24/2014 c2 Guest
Probobly my favorite crossover so far
2/24/2014 c1 Guest
Love it man!
2/22/2014 c5 Guest
naruto show your kyuubi powers now
2/21/2014 c18 mad Jack
Cool fanfiction I love are u going to update this fanfiction
2/20/2014 c18 AllenAndArth
man i miss this fic it's really good
2/13/2014 c18 AceSlayer
It's been two months past the date that you said you would write again... sadness consumes me.
2/11/2014 c18 pooguy
Any idea when you plan on working on this again?
2/11/2014 c11 pooguy
I like to imagine that Chopper has the same voice as Macho Man Randy Savage.
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