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10/23/2013 c10 gggg
Why is your naruto so weak. Even canon naruto was stronger than this naruto.
10/18/2013 c15 Guest
Ura seems like the type who wouldn't mind having a boyfriend and a submissive girlfriend/pet a.k.a. ruby so you should put her with ura and naruto
10/18/2013 c10 Guest
Make him a ghoul/shinobi but have naruto make a seal eventually in the story to filter the youki
10/17/2013 c17 3darkanomoly
This looks really good but I don't like that you put deidara as the art teacher. It gives off the feel that you are trying to incorporate everything. You can't take two plots and blend it together; it's like putting a pineapple and a ham into a blender and hitting the on button without the top. It will taste bad and crap is everywhere.
10/15/2013 c17 Happy
This... This... This fanfic is amazing i cant even express it. Its funny, has good action, and is enjoyable to read. This is about my 3rd time reading through this. If this was made into a show believe tht ill be watching it nd im pretty sure so will your other fans for this fic. Im glad that you wont give up on this story, so take your time.
10/12/2013 c17 1thormanator
Man! This story is awesome. I really enjoy reading it. I would have reviewed earlier but i just found your story 2 days ago and I was just so into it that I didn't stop to review. I will say, I do like the idea of making them twins, or else it would have made it really confusing love triangle. And thank you for taking the time in developing the NarUra couple. It makes it so much easier. So, if you are going to have some of the other girls go for the shinobi, are you going to actually have Tsukune and Omote become an item? And you didn't mention Yukari in the beginning A/N. IS she going to fall for Konoharmaru? Probably not I'm guessing since that would be just to obvious. Or am I wrong?

The humor is great by the way. I am literally laughing out loud sometimes because it is so funny. Espcially the embarrassing moments between Ura and Naruto and Naruto calling Kurama a plushie. Too funny.

Something that I see that can be better is just a few grammatical mistakes. a few times you have Then and Than. It is just one of those things that bug the crap out of me because they are in no way interchangeable. So just watch when using those two. The other is a lack of punctuation in some areas. Mostly with commas. when a comma is used, it doesn't always mena that the speaker is pausing after saying something, but it does help in writing to show things as a list or just to separate 2 names. I'm talking about when you have someone shout two peoples names when they see them/or enter a room and there is no comma between the names. with out the comma, it seems as though it is just one person they are calling out to because there is nothing to differentiate between the two people besides our own knowledge. There is that and maybe breaking some sentences down into two, esp when it contains more than one idea in that sentence.

I don't like swearing, the F word in particular, but thanks for not using it to much. I hate it when people swear every other word.

Anyway, 4.8 out of 5 stars!
10/11/2013 c17 GirlGotSwag
Plz, plz, plz update I can't wait any longer. Your killing me dude. Update plz by the way. Nice job.
10/9/2013 c17 CoG.EMIYA
Will akatsuki invade yokai academy for naruto?
10/9/2013 c16 CoG.EMIYA
aw... i thought I will see him fighting in his 4th tail state... will he reach that state in your story?, i would like to see a moment of Ura's reaction when she see the damage of naruto's transformation to his body... or the degree he would go to save her... on other things, I still enjoy reading this chapter... looking forward when the two admit their feelings for each other... _
10/9/2013 c14 CoG.EMIYA
The romance build up is alright, I agree to your phase... now Im waiting to the moment where they both realize it in a situation that will show them how they feel deeply to each other... i suggest to add sasuke to that scene for added impact... btw, I like that moment in haku and zabuza's grave...
10/8/2013 c9 CoG.EMIYA
will he have a scene where he berserk like in his 4tails transformation?
10/8/2013 c6 CoG.EMIYA
at last... she tasted his blood... hehehe
10/8/2013 c5 CoG.EMIYA
Would it not be better if naruto just let ura chan to drink his blood?
10/8/2013 c3 CoG.EMIYA
3; Because they both does not have experiences about this matter
10/7/2013 c17 Demonic revolt
Great story so far but would like to see a bigger step idk maybe one of those leaning in and kissing without thinking scenes like in the movies for naruto and moka. Lots of confusion on feelings commence. Idk just a suggestion but seriously great story so far. Don't stop. Now good night.
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