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10/6/2013 c17 Guest
10/5/2013 c17 1AdVictoriamCustodes
i do wonder how longer will it be till they actually fall in love- (doesnt have to be soverserios, but maybe date or a simple kiss) Naruto and Ura
10/3/2013 c17 NateTheFate
This is a awesome story I love it, but do you think you can bring up hinata in the story later on it feel like she was the only person that was left out from the story
10/3/2013 c4 kazuyaminegishi
Please update soon it's been 2 weeks );
10/3/2013 c17 Guest
Cant wait for update
10/2/2013 c17 Residenthobo
holy shit i love this so much words can't even describe
9/30/2013 c17 Guest
yes naruto star having felling for ura now but when they become a couple because you done acquaintance then friend then best friend so when is girlfriend and boyfriend because i really want to see it oh and you haven't update for 11 day too so when is the next update
9/30/2013 c12 Guest
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9/30/2013 c17 one of you fan
what the hell when is the next update because i being want to read the next chapter for 10 days and i want to cry because you didnt update yet sooooooo please update
9/27/2013 c17 viscusman
hey do you think that Gin and Hana Inazuka would make a good pair?
9/26/2013 c2 Sparkysbro
I like it, I like it!
9/25/2013 c3 5Money Funk
number 1 is the optimal choice
9/24/2013 c17 GhoulKing017
So ... when you going to put ura and naruto together ? just wanna know
9/23/2013 c17 Guest
Amazing chapter I have been following for a little while now and I look forward to reading your chapters all the time I literally walk around school to my next classes with a manga, book, or my iPod reading a good story I literly got in trouble for reading during class but then agin it was biology hahahaha
9/23/2013 c17 Guest
another awesome chapter! keep up the great work! peace!
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