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for Embracing your Inner Demon

9/19/2013 c17 ImagineBreaker7
... Deidara is Naruto's new art teacher... I have several things to say to that. First very interesting idea, second I pity the class, third why the hell is he a teacher, and finally who is stupid enough to hire him? Ok now that that is over great work on this chapter and I can't wait to see what else will happen with Mizore. as well as what role Deidara will play. By the way is Sasori around?
9/19/2013 c1 Guest
This my favorite fanfiction i hope you continue b/c this story is great
9/18/2013 c16 Guest
Please Update
9/16/2013 c16 Guest
Yay, I actually thought that Ruby was killed off. she wasn't a key member of the harem, thus making her relatively expendable. good job and an excellent fight scene.
9/15/2013 c16 Rosco Peeko Trane
I didn't see any real problem with this chapter. Your dialogue got a bit redundant a few times but otherwise I'd say that it turned out quite well.

I'm looking forward to the next update :)
9/14/2013 c16 Minato 1
Plz upload the next chapter quickly.
9/14/2013 c13 Minato 1
Love the hangover.
9/14/2013 c11 Minato 1
Love the humorous jokes
9/14/2013 c10 Minato 1
Nyc chapter,love the fight coz its vry descriptive and nt boring
9/14/2013 c6 Minato 1
Love the perv side of kurama.
9/14/2013 c5 Minato 1
Intresting as usual bt ura is also a vampire shouldn't she feed on blood also?
9/14/2013 c4 Minato 1
Love the humour
9/14/2013 c3 Minato 1
Next chapter plz
9/14/2013 c1 13Have a Little Feith
You're going by the Anime, aren't you? The fact that you said 2 years has passed means that it's a year before Shippuden.
9/14/2013 c1 Anime-Index
Where is the next update I want to see what next soooooo badddddddly you know that right please update
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