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for Embracing your Inner Demon

11/2/2017 c1 1Plasma Dragon 312
10/21/2017 c18 AnUnnamedUser
Yeah i call Bullshit, You are just like the 90% of the ones that say Temporary Hiatus, Fucking Liars. Atleast update saying you won't continue it or if you will, an update to advice that you're still alive. Good Story, Dissapointing Author.
8/27/2017 c18 4Monster King
Great story I really liked it a shame that it looks like you gave up on it.
7/23/2017 c18 Guest
not abandoning the story it says but its been BEEN 4 FUCKING YEARS ALREADY. if you dont want to continue just say already.
7/4/2017 c1 ghoast.cc
i always imagined zabuza as the bus driver for some reason
6/24/2017 c18 Wolf
Make more please
6/21/2017 c1 The Devils Bleeding Crown
I cant even bring myself to attempt to read this. Naruto will be bangin Moka the 5% of the time she is unsealed... and Moka will be with Tsukune the entire 95% of the time shes sealed? GAY
6/21/2017 c18 Lucifer
"I will not abandon this story." He says.
5/28/2017 c1 Guest
Hey, I know this is a kinda late review, being on chapter 1 and all.
I really like the way your plot is going so far! (I just don't like tsunade, Jiraiya, and kakashi bashing xD)
The only problem is your comma's, or lack thereof.
Since I'm only on the first chapter and moving to the next, I hope this problem is fixed! Best of luck!
5/8/2017 c9 Priscila Amadeus
amei o capitulo essa é a unica historia que eu li onde Inner Moka e Other Moka são indivíduos separados ao ives de personalidades mais ficou ótimo alias ficou melhor do que eu imaginai ta de parabéns continue assim.
5/2/2017 c2 Akamehime456
This book just keep getting better. I swear
4/17/2017 c18 1Shiro96
espero que abandones tu historia, aunque ya ha pasado cualquier tiempo desde que actualizaste, en fin, seguire esperando alguna continuación amigo.
4/15/2017 c18 Guest
Please continue
2/14/2017 c18 2Chillerix
That's alright, take your time.
1/30/2017 c18 lucasrosa94
escreva mais não abandone a istória.
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