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for Embracing your Inner Demon

11/7/2015 c18 The Asylum Minded
Anyday now with the next Chapter please!
11/7/2015 c18 Fang1012
Very good I'm sad that it's over for right now can't wait for the update
11/6/2015 c18 Guest
your work is awesome thank you for makuing sime like this
11/6/2015 c2 Guest
Hmmm twin moka interesting
10/29/2015 c1 The Anime Reader
Please continue the story! TT
10/16/2015 c18 1ShadowBiju97
Why no more chapters bro
9/29/2015 c3 Daniel565
9/9/2015 c18 Guest
When are you updating this fic
9/3/2015 c18 Guest
I rly love this story. You can call me j. But I was wondering if you could write a tenchu rosaria vampire fan fic. With rosemary x kokah.
8/21/2015 c3 6The Winds of Change
A million votes for a tsundere Ura!
8/21/2015 c16 Axel Waxxel
8/16/2015 c18 Thunder Dragon
When you get back on this story can I make a few suggestions for some original arch's to be implemented in the story? I have a basic plot for two Story Arch's, one that will make the gang understand how Naruto is the way he is and why the Akatskui are after him, and the second story arch will help Naruto and Ura come closer together and maybe push them both together into a legit couple.

First Story Arch idea: Since Deidara is here in Yokai Academy it is safe to assume that Sasori is as well, so here is the plot, Sasori knowing full well that him and Deidara cannot capture Naruto with there usual modis opprendei, decide to go another route, after class is over Sasori delivers a unexpected drug in Naruto's food causing him to be in a coma while experience all of his old memories from childhood to the Sasuke Retrieval Mission. The gang rescue Naruto and defeat Sasori and Deidara before Naruto is captured but in order to get Naruto out of the coma have to enter his mind, see his memories and try to wake him up.

Second Story Arch: after Sasori and Deidara's defeat at the hangs of the gang, Pain and the other members of the Akaktsuki after finding out the dynamic between Naruto and Ura enlist the aid of the Outcast Ayashi, to capture Ura and threaten to kill her unless Naruto meets them and comes quietly but Naruto being Naruto, meets theme and tries to defeat all the Outcast Ayashi and Several Akaktsuki members but is heavily wounded after the fighting. After successfully escaping Konoha decides to try and get Naruto back to the Leaf Village to protect him and for further training(think of this Story Arch like a reverse Pain Arch but also transitioning more towards the Naruto side of the crossover). After seeing how close Naruto was to death, Ura now understands her feelings towards are favorite blond knucklehead ninja and goes to Konoha with the gang to petition the Council and Hokage, for Naruto's return to Yokai Academy.
8/16/2015 c10 Thunder Dragon
I actually have a love interest for Gin, since Gin has trouble keeping his hormone in check why not pair him up with a tough as nails Kunoichi Like Anko Mitarashi who will teach him some respect for women.
however if that does not suit your fancy why not pair Gin with Hana Inuzuka, because given her clan's history with dogs I say it would fit them both, and given Hana is a vet she would know how to fix Gin if he goes to high on the pervert scale.
8/16/2015 c3 Thunder Dragon
If I were you I would make Ura the calm and confident one while pursuing a relationship with Naruto. The way I see it as her personality in the Anime as a calm and confident femme fatale so I don't really see why it should not be the same here. but maybe you could make Ura somewhat seductive in her advances towards are favorite knucklehead ninja but also make it obvious that she wants him because look how long it took Naruto to find out that Hinata loved him.
7/23/2015 c1 SteelAutumn
MY GOD. The part where every one said there good byes shook me up also the iruka part made me teer up like no ones YOUU FOOR THEE FEELS
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