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for The boy at the diner

2/21/2013 c30 1alicelover520
Lol omg this chapte! Pigs and piggies XD
2/19/2013 c29 alicelover520
I loved this love it! Cant wait for the next chapter to be completed! :))
2/18/2013 c29 2zoesouzaxoxo
Whoa i totally lived this chapter I started laughing hysterically near the middle it was awesome I hope my character is in the sma school as you :D
2/17/2013 c28 zoesouzaxoxo
Whoa this was awesome and intense I love this chapter :)
2/16/2013 c27 1alicelover520
Already told you how I feel about this chapter :) 3
2/16/2013 c27 2zoesouzaxoxo
Oh my god this was awesome I loved it whoa Kristian what have you done I predict drama :)
2/2/2013 c26 zoesouzaxoxo
Awwww this was the sweetest thing EVER!
2/1/2013 c26 1alicelover520
1/31/2013 c5 1MyFallenAngel13
Uuuummm... Don't kill me, but does he seem a little Simoney to anyone else?DON'T KILL ME!
1/31/2013 c2 MyFallenAngel13
Oh god this is too sweet... I WANT A Kristain! :o
1/31/2013 c25 1alicelover520
Aww..shucks...thanks! :) update again!
1/30/2013 c24 alicelover520
Oh la la I sound smokin! ;) lol...should we give a short description of Aannya's loois too? Your choice..oh..and I already..gave you the chapters..so hurry!
1/30/2013 c24 2zoesouzaxoxo
Awesome I liked it...
1/27/2013 c23 Guest
kristian's POV
1/28/2013 c23 zoesouzaxoxo
Kristen's Pov I think would be kind of cool
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