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2/20/2017 c1 Wow wow
Awwwww this is cute story
2/20/2017 c1 Pepelove
Wow I love it and it funny too
7/4/2016 c1 Guest
please update... i am dying to know what happens next between gouenji and fuyuka
1/29/2016 c1 Shaylin Frost
8/7/2014 c1 xxHaruNatsuAkiFuyu
Ahh...beautiful sotry, I love all the pairings, Sakuma x Fuyuka, Gouenji x Haruna, Sakuma x Haruna and Gouenji x Fuyuka! This was really sweet, it would take forever to list down what my favourite aspects of the story are! Hahaha the ending was funny! Sakuma and Gouenji, good luck! And the possessive Kidou and Kudou-kantoku! I love how you portayed Gouenji,; he was so weet and spot on! None of the characters were OOC at all! Awesome job!

Keerthana or kee-chan
1/10/2014 c1 1Starlight Mura
Hiyaaa! I finally have the time to review.

Uwaaa! This is so adorable! X33
Yeah! There's somee SakuFuyu scene here, me luv it vewy mucho! X33 SakuHaru, GouFuyu and GouHaru are also some of my fave pairings.

Misunderstandings is fun in relationship /shot. This fic is just brilliant! the words used are epic too TvT please be my sensei, Senpai /bows/ /kicked/.

Sakucchi, you're so kind. That necklace you bought for Haruna must be pretty. I wish I was your girlfrieend /wink wink/ /dihajar Senpai/ /di death glare Aphrodi/ /ditabok Haruna/.

Senpai, please let me fave this story. It was so awesome! X3

A Lost Cat
7/10/2013 c1 6Neko and Niky
This is hilarious! XD
4/27/2013 c1 12Puchii
Me : Bravo! *claps hands* Ne Tsubaki-san, why not make another chapter of them in their double date? I really REALLY love the story!
1/17/2013 c1 risame
hahaha, it's really funny when gouenji and haruna realized that it's all just really big misunderstanding
and the romance fluffiness is just too much that I can't hold my squeal xDD
fubuki's screen time is too little, I want to know more about his personality :D when will you make like this one for him?
12/24/2012 c1 Anyone
Good... :)
12/22/2012 c1 23The one who rests in peace
AHA this is soo cute.
the pairing is unusual.
hope to see more from you.
12/22/2012 c1 Sakuralove chan
Waaa Kawai me encanto tu fic estaba muy lindo
Fuyuka y goenji que lindos se ven juntos y goenji todo celosito
Y sakuma y haruna kayyy que linda pareja
Ojalá escribas más fics sobre fuyuka y goenji mi pareja preferida y también de haruna y sakuma
Bueno saluditos sayo.
12/22/2012 c1 34AyasumiMamera
Oh my gosh, I've written Sakuma x Fuyuka and Gouenji x Haruna stories, haha.
I loved the story though!
Great job!
Lots of love!
12/22/2012 c1 25SHSL Kariya Masaki
AHHHHHH SO CUTE I SWEAR, I SQUEALED SO MUCH IN JOY! ! ! You just made me support Sakuma/Haruna and Gouenji/Fuyuka even more :33

This was cute, and I loved how you made this story. I was so gripped on my seat especially when they "fought". Yup, so much misunderstandings... :X

Loved it, make more soon! X3

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